The Shopkeep Gift Guide With Jessie Black

The Jessie Black boutique
The Jessie Black boutique

This holiday season instead of doing a traditional gift guide, I’ve reached out to my favorite local shop owners to learn what they recommend giving. The retailers stock their respective stores with gorgeous clothing, covetable home goods, sensational spirits, and delicious eats, so naturally they have a knack for selecting the perfect gift. I came up with a list of 10 quintessential SF personalities, from the gentleman farmer to the Color Factory girl, and asked the curator what they would give each unique type. Now through Christmas, I’ll be sharing their gift guides.


When chic San Franciscans are looking for a sumptuous home accessory, they can count on Jessie Black and her namesake boutique to find it. Black stocks her Sacramento Street shop with cashmere throws, handwoven baskets, plush pillows, and unique treasures from her extensive travels. Black’s style is impeccable and classic—with a neutral white color-palette that is comforting and cozy yet sophisticated and elegant. She also has keen eye for art and hopes to receive one of the Jylian Gustlin pieces that are currently on show at her store for Christmas. What is she giving her friends and family this holiday season? Here in her own words is Jessie Black’s gift guide.


The Lady Who Launched: Paravel leather waterproof duffle bag ($365).


The Hoodied Tech Bro: A pair of Allbird sneakers ($98).


The Fabulous Couple: Sefte alpaca Maya throw blanket ($496 available at the boutique) is big enough for two!


The Cool Mom: Lan Jaenicke cashmere jacket ($1,040).


The Wine Country Escapists: From Napa With Love ($20) coffee table book.


The Budding Mixologist: A bottle of Corte Vertuso Mezcal.


The Restaurant Hounds: Round wooden pizza trays ($195) from Hudson Grace for entertaining.


The Gentleman Farmer: A pair of RM William boots ($495).


The Interior Aesthete: Huge felt-seated stones ($270). 


The Color Factory Girl: Danish poured bowls ($80) by Found by Maja are current and visually interesting.


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