FENDI Presents WELCOME! To Celebrate Its 10th Edition With Design Miami

FENDI will be presenting WELCOME!, a living room collection, as they celebrate their 10th edition with Design Miami. The collection by Italian designer Chiara Andreatti features natural, soft tones and several tropical plants where people experience an atmosphere that evokes feelings of intimacy and primeval times that takes you to an impeccable world. The Milan-based designer not only interprets the spirit of Roman Maison but was also able to pay homage to the brand’s most famous icons such as Cuoio Romano and Punto Salleria.02 _FENDI at Design Miami 2017_Chiara Andreatti_booth renderAndreatti is inspired by soft tones that can be transformed into exotic and sophisticated craftsmanship. The large and smaller-side tables both have natural brass legs while the table top features a thick bamboo interwoven pattern inspired by the iconic 1971 Astucio fur. The accessories displayed on the big central table are hand-crafted pottery in white ceramic. Each pot has a specific shape inspired by ancient designs. The rocking chair features a U-shaped string backrest is adorned with two cushions Cuiou Romano in the FENDI ochre yellow. The simple yet intriguing chair is made from burnished iron with a finishing in opaque wax.

03 _FENDI at Design Miami 2017_Chiara Andreatti_booth render

A vertical luminaire alternates plants in brass baskets with Lace-up-edge-banding inspired by Punto Selleria. The luminous sculpture adds light to the warm-colored room powered by light neon tubes and creates an environmentally friendly atmosphere as it holds the plants in a cascade appearance. The asymmetric green toned sofa with organic shapes is coated with a new FENDI Pequin velvet fabric and stands on hardwood legs hidden underneath. To complement the living room, two white parchment lamps hang from the ceiling for a balanced appearance.

01_FENDI WELCOME_Chiara Andreatti

The space in Design Miami featuring WELCOME! will have the floors covered in a hard mat in natural coco fiber with a herringbone pattern. The floors will be matched by two wool carpets from the Himalayas embroidered with Punto Selleria elements from the classic FENDI yellow hue. The corner walls will feature milk-white Greek style moldings, while two big geometric planters frame the two sides of the room stand to represent ancient large glass windows of cathedrals.

The WELCOME! Project has been curated by Maria Cristina Didero.