Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends For 2018

The holiday season may be over but engagement season is still going strong! We spoke with Andrew Brown, President of WP Diamonds’ and his team of experts to see what trends they are predicting as we kick off 2018. 

#5 The Classic Tiffany® Setting 

Tiffany Setting copyPhoto Credit: WP Diamonds

Tiffany & Co® has created one of the most iconic rings in their classic engagement ring setting.  Its beautiful simplicity has ensured that it will be one of the most frequently chosen styles year after year.”

#4 Yellow Radiant Diamond with Triangle Side Stones

Yellow RadiantPhoto Credit: WP Diamonds

“As the younger, adventurous generations begin to get engaged, colored diamonds are becoming more widely recognized in engagement rings.  Yellow diamonds are among the most popular of the colored set and will be top contenders for 2018 rings.”

#3 Micro Pavé Rose Gold Rings

Rose Gold PavéPhoto Credit: WP Diamonds

Micro Pavé has been a favorite for years now but setting it in Rose Gold is this year’s way of making it stand out.  Mixing metals, especially through a stack of rings including engagement rings and wedding bands, is a new trend that will stick around for a while.

“Rose Gold has become prevalent in jewelry over the past couple of years, especially everyday pieces.  Creating a popular style like the Micro Pavé band in Rose Gold is an update that we plan to see all over the place this year.”

#2 Cushion Cut Diamond Set in a Halo

Cushion Cut HaloPhoto Credit: WP Diamonds

A stunner every time as the Halo perfectly frames the glittering Cushion Cut center, this leading design will continue to top the list. 

“Halo settings gained popularity quickly due to their ability to make center stones appear larger and more brilliant.  We see this style sticking around for a long time to come.”

#1 Meghan Markle’s Three-Stone Ring

Meghan MarklePhoto Credit: WP Diamonds

The royal engagement ring’s three-stone design with two round stones flanking a large round center, will be re-interpreted time and time again over the course of 2018, making it the most notable style for the year to come. 

“Meghan Markle’s classically beautiful three-stone engagement ring will be amongst the most coveted of all styles for 2018.  Round diamonds are always a fan favorite on their own, add in the royal stamp of approval and it shoots to the top of the list.”