Boston Anxiously Awaits Bulgari’s Arrival To Newbury Street

Boston’s Newbury Street shopping scene is just about to get a whole lot hauter. Bulgari, the high-end Roman jeweler, is opening its first Boston location here just in time for the holiday season. They haven’t yet announced an exact opening date, but we are down to the wire and are being told the Italian designer will be opening the first week of January.

Bulgari Newbury StreetPhoto Credit: Bulgari

From fine jewels and watches to accessories and perfumes, Bulgari will occupy a 2,864 square foot space designed by Peter Marino. The modern interior combines the Mediterranean design elements of marble and stone found in ancient Roman buildings. (Black Grand Antique marble and White Travertino Navona frame the original storefront portal and two bay windows, which were preserved and restored as a tribute to Boston’s historical architecture).

Inside, the gorgeous space boasts Italian walnut square-patterned parquet flooring, two oval-shaped counters inspired by the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa along with a Murano crystal chandelier by Italian artisan Vistosi. There will even be a VIP area on the mezzanine accessible by an open staircase paying homage to the ambiance of an Italian theatre.

We caught up recently with Bulgari North America’s President Daniel Paltridge, who chatted with us about the brand’s expansion to Boston, gave us a sneak peek at the collection found only in Boston and shared his thoughts on Boston’s haute luxury market.

Why did you decide to open a location in Boston?

Bulgari is a luxury brand and we have 20 stores in North America now in many key cities. We are quite selective where we choose to open a store and have had our eyes on the market for many years. The Boston store is designed by Peter Marino and it plays on the Roman roots of the brand, so there is a strong presence of wood and marble with saffron and apricot colors.

What goes into creating an exceptional Bulgari design?

The craftsmanship. All of our pieces are made in Italy and designed within our workshop in Rome. We are very attentive to the fact that our positioning is very Italian. Each piece is quite distinctive, bold, geometric and colorful in keeping with the Roman lifestyle.

Who is the Bulgari customer?

Someone who is not scared to take a risk. For example, the Serpenti collection can be interpreted as literal or figurative with a play on the eyes of the snake. Our customer is someone who appreciates well manufactured products and has a passion for the finer things. It is also someone who has a love of Italian style and really connects with the city of Rome. They want to be different, break the rules and wear something that is not everyday wear. Bulgari lets our customers express themselves in a bold, daring and distinct way.

What do you think of the luxury market in Boston?

The Boston market is quite dynamic in the luxury market with new arrivals coming to the area. Bulgari is a heritage brand that has been around for 134 years. We think our product will complement the other brands in Boston. Newbury Street is a luxury retail destination with a number of great brands. That environment was one in which we were very interested in.

How would you describe Boston style?

Trying to define a style by a city is not that easy. What is key for us is that Bulgari is a very successful brand and that resonates wherever we open up. There is a mix of clientele within Boston, some of whom are very traditional and then we have the younger generation that is always present.

Tell me about the collections the Boston store will be carrying.

We will be bringing in our key jewelry and watch collection, including the Serpenti collection, an ancient snake that is very popular. We will also be showcasing rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and one-of-a-kind travel collections.