Parisian Jewelry Designer Valerie Brun Shows Off Her Haute Collection In Boston

Umane ParisPhoto Credit: Gerard Riveron

Style mavens and fashionistas should head over today to the pop up of Umane Paris being held from 1 to 8 p.m. at Chrisicos Interiors opposite The Four Seasons Hotel. Parisian designer Valerie Brun, founder of the haute jewelry line, will be on hand to showcase some of her best pieces from galet earrings to a white gold, onyx and diamond necklace (below) from the Cosmogony collection, which retails for $18,900.

Umane ParisPhoto Credit: Gerard Riveron

One of our favorite pieces is the white gold, onyx and diamond necklace also from the Cosmogony collection (retail price is $45,500). Gerard Riveron represents the collection, which includes earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings, exclusively in the United States.

Umane ParisPhoto Credit: Gerard Riveron

We caught up recently with Brun to discuss her latest collection and why she decided to showcase in Boston.

As the daughter and granddaughter of Parisian jewelers, you got an early start in the business. Tell us what goes into creating a beautiful piece.

It’s a combination of many elements – the inspiration, the vision, the know how, and most importantly for me, poetry because it combines my feelings and emotions with the outside world.

What makes your pieces stand out in a competitive industry?

These elements combined make my pieces totally unique and timeless, choosing the best material and manufactured by the best high jewelry makers, at my atelier, in Paris.

How would you describe your design style?

A balance between organic and zen, whimsical for a modern day woman.

Where do you draw your inspiration from as a designer? 

My inspirations come from my travels and my fascination with other cultures, whether Asian, African, or South American and my connection with nature.

Describe the person who wears your collection.

It seems the women who wear my jewelry are fashion savvy, independent women, of any age group, who are looking for jewelry that is not mainstream, but wearable and unique.

Who are some of your favorite designers? 

Taffin, Hemmerle, from the past Boivin

What are some of the most popular pieces in your collection?

The galet rings and earrings

Which piece is your favorite and what makes it so special? 

My first galet ring with the purple sapphires and most recently, the new necklace cosmogony combining the texture of precious ebony wood, natural cultured Tahitian pearls and the sparkle of diamonds and a unique clasp allowing a woman to wear it longer or shorter, at will.

Why did you decide to come to Boston to showcase your collection? 

First, I love Boston because i studied here for two years at Boston University. The most current reason is my association with Gerard Riveron, who represents my collections in exclusivity in the U.S. I trust his taste, his vision and Gerard understands and knows the women who would love to acquire and wear my jewelry.