Jenni Kayne Launches Home Line With Shopping Experience In Marin

The Jenni Kayne Home Collection airstream trailer
The Jenni Kayne Home Collection airstream trailer

Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Jenni Kayne

Last week Jenni Kayne, fashion designer and lifestyle blogger, launched her first home collection. The new line consists of gorgeous throws, luxurious pillows, and fragrant candles all in Kayne’s signature neutral color palette and modern Californian-bohemian style. There is also limited edition photography from Marc Gabor in partnership with Tappan, comfy PJs, and chic slippers. To celebrate the debut of Jenni Kayne Home, Kayne meticulously remodeled a vintage airstream from 1957.

A vignette inside the airstream
A vignette inside the airstream

Photo Credit: Nicki Sebastian Photography

The airstream is traveling up and down the coast providing the ultimate mobile Jenni Kayne experience. It’s currently parked at the Marin Country Mart, from now through Friday, December 1, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Despite the small space, Kayne didn’t feel limited in her design. “The airstream already dictated how we would lay it out, and it was just figuring out which side had the bed and which side had the dining table,” she told Haute Living by email. “The airstream was really beautiful when it was finished, but once we added all the product in it really came to life and felt like a home.” Kayne’s favorite pieces from the collection are the soft textiles made from Peruvian alpaca—cozy blankets and the nap-inviting pillows. She used these on the bed and in the kitchenette of the airstream.

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Despite being eight months pregnant, Kayne is eager to promote her new home goods and provide tips for creating a perfect space that suits one’s personal style. “I never think that you have to sacrifice practicality or function for style and design so whenever I approach a project I think about how I want to live in the space and then and the same time how I want it to feel and look like,” she says. Although a permanent Jenni Kayne boutique was supposed to open next year at the Marin Country Mart, it seems like the project is now on hold. Fans of Kayne’s designs should visit the airstream before it heads to Los Angeles or scoop up her goods at the Palo Alto location.

Check out more photos of the airstream below. 

jenni-kayne-home_airstream_nicki-sebastian-photography-8Photo Credit: Nicki Sebastian Photography jenni-kayne-home_airstream_nicki-sebastian-photography-10Photo Credit: Nicki Sebastian Photography jenni-kayne-home_airstream_nicki-sebastian-photography-11Photo Credit: Nicki Sebastian Photography jenni-kayne-home_airstream_nicki-sebastian-photography-5Photo Credit: Nicki Sebastian Photography jenni-kayne-home_airstream_nicki-sebastian-photography-3Photo Credit: Nicki Sebastian Photography jenni-kayne-home_airstream_nicki-sebastian-photography-21Photo Credit: Nicki Sebastian Photography