Christian Louboutin Unveils The Loubitag Collection For Men And Women


In the age of social media, every life moment seems to have turned into an opportunity for a selfie. With connections being made on a screen, can you still make a connection that pops? According to celebrity favorite Christian Louboutin, you definitely can. Since launching in 1992, his creations have been immortalized in pop culture, fashion week runways, and red carpet events. But what really sets these pieces apart from other brands is Mr. Louboutin himself. Full of charm, Mr. Louboutin makes a habit of personal appearances to connect with customers through the love of great shoes and great conversations.

His newest capsule collection, Loubitag, captures that personal connection that Mr. Louboutin cherishes and combines it with unique brand details that make these pieces one of a kind. “Tagged” with whimsical doodles and his personal signature, Loubitag is a collection of memories and brand signatures that are sure to delight any Louboutin fan. The playful print takes on a sexy edge with the over the knee boot Moulin Noir. For a more ladylike approach, the So Kate and Jersey Vamp are the heel de jour. And don’t forget the boys, the classic Louis sneaker gets the Loubitag upgrade in black or white patent leather.


Debuting today, the Loubitag collection certainly speaks for itself. Isn’t it time for you to get more personal with a pair of Louboutins?