Make This Incredible Villa, La Bergerie, Your Next Getaway

When it comes to getting away, there is never a better locale than the south of France. Unlike so many domestic locales in America, Provence is a getaway full of peaceful nature, serene beaches, and beautiful villas like La Bergerie, the ultimate luxury villa from the London-based Richstone Properties. This scenic getaway is everything a vacation should be: a peaceful getaway where you can count on their team and staff to ensure a reprieve from everyday life.

For most, vacation planning can be more work than it’s worth. There’s hotels to book, rates to manage, the claustrophobia of the tiny little rooms not living up to their website purported photos, not to mention the added expenses around every corner for things like meals, drinks, cabs, and those little shampoo bottles that are somehow never small enough to take through airport security. What if that could all go away though? This villa isn’t going to fix the problems of traveler’s anguish, it’s going to make you never want to go to another four-star hotel ever again.

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La Bergerie, built in Côte d’Azur’s Terre Blanche, is an oasis of luxe lifestyles and amenities. This mansion sits on a beautiful hillside overlooking the best of the French Countryside. The home features an immaculate pool, veranda, game room, several bedrooms and ensuites, a balcony off the master bedroom, fire pit, fields growing lavender and jasmine, a home garden, and everything in between. The villa is also staffed by a team of highly skilled men and women looking to cater to every need from keeping the property looking pristine to making eggs to one’s liking in the morning. Stop worrying about if the amusement park tickets you bought from that third party site with a coupon will be real for the kids and wake up to the smell of lavender drifting through the open windows of the bedroom while breakfast waits for you downstairs before heading to the Riviera later that day. Doesn’t that sound, like, a million times better?

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Richstone Properties has made this home its signature palace in the region, with a driveway to fit a number of cars, water croquet mallets ready for yard games, a quiet section of land, and with close proximity to gold courses just down the road, Cannes and the beach 30 miles to the south, and quaint French hillside villages mere miles away by car, La Bergerie is the ultimate getaway for anyone’s interests be it shopping in the city, swimming at the beach or any of the nearby lakes, hitting the links with guests, or taking in some of France’s nearby historical locales like the Molinard Perfumery, Chateau Font Du Broc, and Château D’Esclans right nearby. The region is also best known for its wine and cuisine. La Bergerie is set right outside the lines of Cannes tourism radius, which means that the restaurants nearby are authentically French, as opposed to catering to the interests and palates of travelers coming to the region. Provence also is responsible for 80% of the world’s rosé. With several vineyards in the region, the locals take their rosé seriously, and are determined to show anyone who thinks otherwise the light about their pale pink drink-of-choice.


Richstone has made a name for the company as one of the premiere development firms in the UK for luxury homes. With the bulk of their properties in the London area, they’ve drawn interests from clients around the globe by thinking not only of the appearance of luxury for a buyer, but from following through in their thought process to add amenities for those living in these homes day to day. La Bergerie had originally been built for the head of the company’s personal vacation home. Luckily, with the business taking off in spades across Britain and Europe, the villa is now available for those who appreciate the finest in quality to enjoy.


The main house can accommodate 12 people across six luxurious bedrooms, with additional lodging in the guesthouse located at the other end of the drive to support 16 total guests. The home makes for the perfect family getaway for the holidays. Granted, this comes with a pretty penny for a price tag. That said, of all the luxury content covered by this publication, I can firmly say it’s the most effective use of that money for what it yields, a vacation that you actually feel rested from when you return. The villa is typically rented out for two weeks at a time, though special accommodations can be made. Whether it’s an intimate wedding with a few close friends, a family holiday getaway, or just somewhere to escape for a while, this Villa needs to be your latest, greatest destination.