Keep Your Glow On The Go With These In-Flight Must-Haves


Passport, headphones, cell phone charger. Most likely, these are the first few must-haves on your packing list, and rightfully so. But, what about those items that make traveling just a bit more comfortable? And no, we’re not talking neck pillows—though those are definitely a necessity, too.

Seasoned travelers will certainly know that as exciting as traveling can be, those long flights can really put a damper on things—especially your skin. So, we’re coming to your skin’s rescue and adding a few things to your packing list.

Whether you’re a frequent flier or a first timer, these six travel essentials will keep you feeling and looking your best from take off to touch down.

 1. Eye Pads

We can’t all be professional-plane-sleepers—that’s where eye pads come in. If you can’t catch up on sleep, Honest Hazel’s collagen eye pads will help you look like you did.

Red-eye travelers undoubtedly know best; when it comes to re-entering the world post-flight, looking refreshed isn’t always easy. These eye pads will soothe tired eyes, hydrating your skin and decreasing the dreaded under-eye puffiness. Bonus: they’re clear, so you won’t look totally crazy with them on your face, and they’re comprised of all-natural ingredients.

2. Facial Spray

Whether you’re flying for 2 hours or 20, planes can have a moisture-zapping effect on your skin.

Short flight or long, it’ll feel good to give your skin a spritz. Rather than heading to the cabin bathroom (that’s never a fun experience) to splash your face, bring a facial spray with you in your carry on. Mario Badsecu’s facial spray conveniently comes in travel size, it’s gentle on your skin, and it’s created with naturally good-smelling herbal extracts like rosewater.

3. Water, And Lots Of It!

It’s no secret that staying hydrated is the key to glowing skin.

When you’re on a long flight, especially. If you’re not keen on putting a lot of product on your skin while flying, drinking water is the best way to keep hydrated naturally. Try to avoid drink options (like caffeinated coffee, and that complimentary glass of wine) that might dehydrate you, and carbonated drinks that may cause bloating. Desperate for a little flavor? Stop at one of the bars or restaurants in your terminal before boarding and grab a few lemon wedges to spruce up your H2O.

4. Super Snacks

While it can be tempting to indulge in those in-flight snacks, bringing your own is probably a better, and healthier, option.

Frequent flyers are likely all too familiar with “jet belly” a.k.a. that often unavoidable bloating that happens during a flight. Skip the greasy bag of chips and the sodium-packed mixed nuts and opt for fuel that’ll keep you feeling (and looking) good. Fresh fruits or veggies, unsalted nuts, and natural granola are all good choices!

5. Essential Oils

Get a little stressed, or anxious, when you’re flying? You’re not alone.

Nerves can wreak havoc on our skin, upset our digestive tract, and inhibit our ability to sleep. Essential oils are all natural, travel-friendly, and may be just the cure you’re looking for. Lavender, chamomile, and Ylang Ylang are all great options for those who are looking to calm their nerves, and maybe even catch some shut-eye. Looking for a product that covers all the bases? Saje’s Pocket Farmacy is your one stop shop which includes five of their most loved roll-on oils in a compact convenience kit.

Just be mindful—the smell can be a bit strong for neighboring passengers.

6. Face Mask

For the shameless skin care mavens, and those that really want to get that glow-on-the-go sheet masks are the go-to.

Yes, you might look a little crazy to the other passengers, but you’ll also be sure to look amazing when you touch down. If you’re not quite ready to commit to the stare-inducing face mask consider a more stealth option. For longer flights, or when you just really want to seal in that moisture, reach for a cream mask. La Mer’s Intensive Revitalizing Mask is an excellent option to take your skin from dull and dehydrated to dewy and dazzling.