Talking Fall Trends With Jacqueline Krafka, VP Of Design For David Lerner

A respected creative professional with deep experience in the apparel industry, Jacqueline Krafka currently serves as brand Director and Vice President of Design for luxe contemporary women’s brand David Lerner NYC. Following the company’s acquisition in 2013, Jacqueline joined the team out in Los Angeles, California. She is responsible for and leads all product design, brand direction and marketing efforts for the brand.

Four years ago, with the birth of the studio-to-street athleisure trend, she recognized that artistic treatments seen in the premium-denim market – such as hand-painting, coating, foils, etc. – could be applied to David Lerner’s signature item, leggings. Continually pushing the creative envelope,Jacqueline has been integral to the evolution of David Lerner NYC into a broad lifestyle brand.

We were fortunate enough to speak with Jacqueline about her history with David Lerner and the exciting things she and the brand have to look forward to together.

What is your title with the David Lerner brand?

Brand Director / VP of Design

Did you always want to work in the fashion industry? 

Yes, even as a small child I played designer…I always knew and I have never veered off this path.

How would you describe the David Lerner brand?

David Lerner is a lifestyle brand that perfectly blends a on the go lifestyle with luxe fabrics and modern styling. This collection is basics at their best and offers chic versatility with a broad appeal.

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What do you see being a fall fashion trend?

We see a Rock & Roll vibe taking place in everything from graphic rock band tees to forward and opulent fabrications that inject a bit of an edge such as our high shine Vinyl or distressed velvet… Pair a Vinyl waist tied pant w/ a graphic tee and some strappy heels and your instantly Rock Chic…

What is new/upcoming for the David Lerner brand?

We just launched “Studio” a stand-alone collection of fashion knit tops, joggers and sweatshirts with a little more attitude interesting washes and a more laid back vibe. The west coast little sister as we like to refer to it..This part of the brand really takes advantage of the ability to utilize all the amazing licenses under our parent company “Jerry Leigh of CA “and as one of the leaders in entertainment apparel this has given opportunity to DL Studio to enter the graphics arena in a really meaningful way and the ability to work with the likes of Disney, Warner Bros, among others as well as many musicians and artists licensed under the Jerry Leigh umbrella.

What are you looking forward to most for the future of the brand?

I love all the brand extensions that are possible, as we have recently rolled out the “STUDIO” collection, and looking toward the future the possibility of seeing shoes, bags and fragrance may not be that far off.

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What is the most interesting thing you have learned while working in the fashion industry?

I think the most interesting thing you learn is that the actual design is only one small part of the recipe that eventually creates a great collection.  The ability to take in all the information pouring in from sales, production, marketing, seasonal calendars, retail etc… And then filter and finesse it in just the right way is a very large part of the craft. It is a lifelong challenge with no wrong or right answers, sort of a never-ending journey. I always like to joke around and say “All I want to do is make people happy” and this is what drives me… Trying to create beautiful product that may put a smile on someone’s face, or make them feel good about themselves, something that makes people happy…

If you could give yourself advice 5 years ago, what would it be?

Love and enjoy what you do, passion and excitement are contagious and spread. Remain positive and do not take yourself too seriously. I am truly as excited and fulfilled today as I was the very first day I stepped into this career. I absolutely love what I do and am very blessed…

What is your favorite part about working in the fashion industry? 

Troubleshooting my way through. I love challenges, it keeps me engaged and on my toes… There is nothing more gratifying than delivering a collection to market…. Even better, to see someone wearing the product…

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