Michael Voltaggio Hosts Scotch Egg Pop Up Across The Country

Top Chef fan favorite Michael Voltaggio is at the helm of the Scotch Egg Club pop up happening on Thursday, September 28th. Voltaggio is a fan of the pub snack – essentially a  hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs and baked or deep-fried. He even taught Seth Meyers how to make them once.

This time around, Voltaggio is recreating of the traditional Scotch Egg to capture the flavors and essence of an iconic New York City slice of pizza. From his own spicy pepperoni, to a classic Pomodoro sauce, he takes these simple ingredients and create a whole new take we all didn’t know we needed. Scotch Egg Club is popping up in celebration of another pop up – the Traveling Whisky Emporium.

Inspired by John Dewar & Sons founder Tommy Dewar, the original rambler himself, the Traveling Whisky Emporium – a tiny whisky house on wheels – is popping-up across the United States throughout the rest of the year. Having debuted in Chicago this summer, the emporium has already stopped in Denver and Boston, and will make its way to NYC next before taking off to LA, Austin and Miami.


The event will feature a night of Chicken BINGO, led by a surprise comedic host, Dewar’s Scotch whisky tastings led by John Dewar & Sons North American Ambassador, Gabriel Cardarella and those crave worthy Voltaggio Scotch Eggs.


Voltaggio is fresh off the heels of his Ink reboot. His original Ink. restaurant closed earlier this year and just this summer he opened Ink.well, a West Hollywood modern American eatery in a space the chef designed himself.

“Ink.well refers to the bar experience,” he told the LA Times, “but also living well, being well. The word means a lot.”