Talking Inspiration And Nutrition Behind Daily Harvest With Founder and CEO Rachel Drori

Rachel Drori_Courtesy Of Daily Harvest6Photo Credit: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest was founded by Rachel Drori, a busy New Yorker, marketing executive, and mom, who realized the difficulty in finding time to shop, chop, prep and create nutrient-dense and delicious foods. Rachel layered on the pricey must-have superfood of the moment and the bunches of wilted kale sitting unused in her refrigerator, and knew there had to be an easier way to get her daily dose of good. Never one to compromise on nutrition for herself and her family,Rachel set out to create Daily Harvest, the genius lifehack for the uncompromising consumer.

Prior to Daily HarvestRachel found herself in Marketing and Branding roles at top companies such as Four Seasons, American Express and Gilt Groupe’s Jetsetter.

We were fortunate to speak with Rachel about all exciting things Daily Harvest from her inspiration behind the brand, what she has learned along the way, and what she looks forward to most for herself and the company’s future.

Daily_Harvest_07-17-2017-19Photo Credit: Daily Harvest

What was your inspiration behind Daily Harvest?

As a New Yorker, I founded Daily Harvest after realizing the difficulty in finding time to shop, chop, prep, and create nutrient-dense and delicious foods. I layered on the pricey must-have superfood of the moment and the bunches of wilted kale sitting unused in my refrigerator, and knew there had to be an easier way to get my daily dose of nutrition. I began bagging up ingredients on Sunday nights for instant smoothies during the week. It was a game-changer for getting out the door in the morning and feeling energized throughout the day. I knew others would appreciate the convenience of a 30-second whole food smoothie without compromising on whole unrefined nutrition.

Who is Daily Harvest targeted at?

Daily Harvest is committed to creating modern food for the reality of the modern world. We are building our brand around the simple concept of “convenience without compromise”  – that means we are building a brand around real people who are busy…whether it’s with work, family or other obligations — we get it! We are creating the foods that people want to eat and that allow them to reach their nutrition goals, but without the labor-intensive prep normally required to eat in this way. 

What has the response been like with the success of Daily Harvest?

We are all looking for ways to make our diets healthier, more nutrient dense, and more sustainable. It’s this country-wide change in tide that is sparking a lot of the current innovation in the food space, including ours! Daily Harvest is a direct response to a need in the market, and it’s great to see people taking more of an interest in their general health and adapting their eating behaviors accordingly. 

What are you most excited about for the future of Daily Harvest?

One of the biggest goals we are working towards is changing the overall perception of frozen foods. I am excited for the future as we educate more & more customers on frozen foods and get more support from our investors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams.

Rachel Drori_Courtesy Of Daily Harvest06-1Photo Credit: Daily Harvest

What’s your favorite flavor?

  • Smoothie: Blueberry Hemp
  • Chia Parfait: Mango Golden Milk
  • Overnight Oats: Dragon Fruit Mulberry
  • Soup: Carrot + Coconut
  • Sundaes: Chocolate Hazelnut 

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Doing something I love keeps me motivated. I’m lucky to have been able to start my own business that benefits consumers nation-wide. One of my main goals is to make healthy foods convenient and affordable for everyone. 

At what point did you know Daily Harvest was going to become super successful?

The first time I saw a Daily Harvest box being unloaded from a FedEx truck on a random corner in New York City, I knew we had created something big. It was a surreal moment that showed our penetration in the market and meant so much more than numbers on a spreadsheet. I still get watery eyes every time I see one.

What words of encouragement would you offer someone who has never tried your product?

Our customer is someone who lives a busy life but aspires to eat better – it’s important for us to deliver a top-quality product that provides the most nutritionally dense superfoods. That doesn’t go far if it’s not easy and quick to make and simply delicious. Tasting is believing! 

To learn more about Daily Harvest and to set up your first delivery, check out their website here.