Oasis in the Sky: PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter

PARAMOUNT Worldcenter upper deck rendering
PARAMOUNT Worldcenter upper deck rendering

Dan Kodsi of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter is transforming Miami as he introduces the most amenitized building in the country.

Located in the heart of Downtown Miami, mere blocks away from the trendy Wynwood Walls and Miami’s Design District, and walking distance to American Airlines Arena (home of the NBA’s Miami Heat) comes PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter, from the trusted vision of Dan Kodsi, bringing forth the most amenitized building in the country set to transform how residents live and play in the comfort of their own home.

Kodsi is an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience. The mastermind behind Miami’s iconic Paramount Bay at Edgewater Square, he wanted to create a residential tower that would become a flagship building for both Miami Worldcenter and the city’s metropolitan skyline.

Unlike its sister tower Paramount Bay, situated a short 10-block car ride away, PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter is focused around the incorporation of urban elements as it sits on a magnificent 30-acre property surrounded by the buzzy streets of Downtown Miami.

“The inspiration behind [PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter] was to create an iconic flagship building that serves to tell people ‘You’ve arrived to the center of downtown’ while still designing multi-use large spaces and residences in a beautiful glass tower with wings that still maintain a relationship with Paramount Bay,” Kodsi explains.

PARAMOUNT Worldcenter balcony
PARAMOUNT Worldcenter balcony

The signature tower has attracted buyers from all over the world, bringing in record-setting sales. For Kodsi, ensuring he is constantly developing innovative projects is not his main concern, but instead focusing on creating condominiums that offer unparalleled, luxurious amenities that elevate the lifestyle of residents. Thus, PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter was born and paved its own way to becoming one of the top-selling residential buildings in Miami-Dade County.

“We have a great outreach program into the emerging markets of Europe and Turkey. Traditionally, Miami has always been a very South American-focused market, and while we still have our fair share of South Americans buying into [PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter], we’re also hitting these other international markets like Europe, Turkey and the Middle East,” he says.

Among PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter’s most compelling features is its first-of-its-kind Upper Deck, home to chic resort-style pools, private poolside bungalows and beds, a premier sports and entertainment complex and elite state-of-the-art workout facilities including a boxing studio, aerobics and yoga studio. PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter has curated a dynamic array of action-packed amenities unrivaled by any other condominium in the world.

“We made sure to create the perfect yin and yang for residents. You have these state-of-the-art fitness amenities to get a good workout in, but then you also have these beautiful relaxation gardens and spas to relax and wind down with the feeling of being at a five-star spa resort,” Kodsi says.

Dan Kodsi, Art Falcone, Peggy Fucci, & Nitin Motwani
Dan Kodsi, Art Falcone, Peggy Fucci and Nitin Motwani attend PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter’s Jam Room Event celebrating the project’s unique karaoke-friendly Jam Room amenity.

The tower will also introduce a signature new concept of 30 guest suites located on the lower levels of the building exclusively for purchase of PARAMOUNT residents. Inspired by the world’s most renowned luxury resorts in Asia and Europe, the guest suites will offer deluxe one and two-bedroom floor plans. Providing the same superb, ultra-luxurious amenities of the residential tower, guests will enjoy many of the PARAMOUNTperks in the comfort of their own space.

It’s hard to resist the appeal of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter. Nestled in the heart of Miami’s legendary downtown, with large multi-use units and luxurious resort-style amenities, owning a unit in the signature tower is almost a steal.

“We have the largest units in Miami with penthouse-like amenities offered to the entire residential community, not just a select few,” Kodsi explains. “We’ve created a condominium tower that offers residents the comfort of large-living spaces—a home in the sky—where else in the city would you be able to find that?”