What to See When Asia Week Kicks Off in NYC

Asia Week kicks off in New York next week, running from March 9 through March 18. Here’s a concise guide for what to see and do.

Why it’s a must: A fast-growing Asian art love fest when top Asian art galleries and specialists present key works; major auction houses hold sales of Asian art; and museums and galleries host exhibits, posh receptions, and lectures.

Who goes: Philanthropists Donald and Shelley Rubin; major museum directors like Thomas Campbell, Glenn Lowry, and Patrick Sears; Japan’s ambassador to the UN, Motohide Yoshikawa; designer Mary McFadden. 

Robert Rauschenberg’s Lotus V (The Lotus Series) at China 2000 Fine Art. Image: China 2000 Fine Art

What’s new: At China 2000 Fine Art, check out the Robert Rauschenberg’s Lotus V (The Lotus Series), part of “Stronger Together: Two Western Artists Who Embraced the Chinese Idiom.” The exhibition focuses on works by Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein, both of whom created final projects by re-examining an earlier allure for Chinese artistic expression and translating this affnity into their own unique idioms. The Lotus Series (2008) is the last printed project completed by Rauschenberg before his death. At the Art of Japan, see Torii Kotondo’s Beauty Combing Her Hair (1933), a fine example of shin hanga bijin design. There will be a single-artist exhibit of the work of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839–1892), one of the last great ukiyo-e artists of the 19th century, at Scholten Japanese Art.

Ye Shuang-shi’s Silver Pheasants Under Spring Blossoms, later 15th–16th century, at the Kaikodo Asian Art Gallery. Image: Kaikodo Asian Art Gallery

What’s at auction: Christie’s has scheduled seven auctions from March 14–17, including Fine Chinese Paintings (March 14) and Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art (March 17). Sotheby’s will be also be holding numerous live auctions in the same period, including Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art (March 14) and Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Works of Art, with property from the Cleveland Museum of Art, on March 15. For a complete schedule of auctions during Asia Week, go to asiaweekny.com.