SV Yachts ALPHA: The Fastest Luxury Yacht In The World

Earlier this week, just before the Miami International Boat show, SV Yachts officially launched the ALPHA. The name couldn’t have been more suitable, not only is it the brand’s very first yacht, but it also comes with the attitude of an Alpha.

SV Yachts Debuts ALPHA, The Fastest Luxury Yacht In The World

This is thanks to two 700 SCI Mercury Racing engines that give the ALPHA a whopping 1.400 HP. As a result, the 38 feet and 5 inches long ALPHA can reach a top speed of approximately 80 knots. Those who think that this tremendous performance comes with sacrifices will be proven wrong. SV Yachts created a unique concept that makes the ALPHA despite its unsurpassed performance also quintessentially a yacht, a place for comfort and leisure.

SV Yachts Debuts ALPHA, The Fastest Luxury Yacht In The World

Specially designed propellers cut through the water to ensure a swift yet smooth acceleration. Extra care went into the insulation of the engine bay, eliminating heat and vibration so that even with the engine running the sun pad on top will be a place of comfort.

SV Yachts Debuts ALPHA, The Fastest Luxury Yacht In The World

To ensure proper cooling of the engine SV Yachts took its inspiration from supercars. The ALPHA is therefore fitted up front with air intakes, while at the back it has a set of louvers that open up as soon as the engine is started. Next to their functionality, they are also an essential styling element of the ALPHA. Much like a supercar also does the ALPHA embody speed, even when it is docked in the harbor. While the bow looks razor sharp, designed for cutting through the water with a minimum of resistance, the aft is wider making the ALPHA impressive from every angle yet at the same time also provide ample room to sunbath or jump in the water for a nice swim.

With the combination of luxury and ultra-high performance, SV Yachts has created a completely new concept, in which you don’t have to choose between speed or luxury, but simply can have both!

SV Yachts has the ALPHA available for viewing on Pier 9, in-water booth 921 at the Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin.