How to Keep Your Resolutions in 2017!

Photo: Goran Bogicevic/

With the New Year almost here, we’re likely considering how to make 2017 bigger, better, and healthier. That usually means making a few resolutions, but as we all well know, the greatest challenge is sticking to them. To help make resolutions realities next year, we connected with NY Health & Wellness functional nutritionist Jacqui Justice, who offers up these six tips.

Be A Believer. If you don’t truly believe you can reach your goals you won’t fully commit to them, and any obstacle will throw you off course. Visualize having reached the goal. Take a few moments to feel what it will be like to get there. Do this short exercise several times throughout the day.

Keep Your Eye On the Goal. Ask yourself, “Does this behavior move me closer or farther away from meeting my goal?”  This simple little exercise not only creates the pause often needed to avoid negative behaviors but also gives you a nice reality check!

Wellness Above Weight Loss. Instead of focusing on weight loss which is the most popular resolution, concentrate instead on wellness—feeling great, increasing energy, being healthy–and weight loss will end up being a side effect of a greater goal.

Prepare Ahead. Preparation is always key. Skipping this important preliminary first step will set you up for failure (like nothing else)! Prior to the New Year, purge your cabinets of all unhealthy foods and restock with health-promoting ones. Prepare some healthy meals and freeze them in portion-size containers so that when the 2017 rolls around you are a step ahead!

Focus on what you can have rather than what you can’t.  There’s nothing more depressing and “crave-producing” than thinking about all the foods that are not on your plan. It’s just a matter of time before you give in to temptation. My advice is to flip this to focusing on all the delicious and healthy foods you can have instead–here are so many!!!  All you need is a switch in mind-set from deprivation to decadence!.

Adopt The 80/20 Rule.  It’s not about being perfect, but rather sustainability. Aiming for 100% with no wiggle room for fun is a recipe for failure. Giving yourself that 20% loophole is  more realistic and will result in keeping you on your game.

Jacqui Justice, MS, CNS is a NY Health & Wellness Functional Nutritionist and a leading expert in weight loss resistance, digestive wellness, and menopause management. Named one of the top nutritionists in the New York area, Justice works with clients to develop customized, holistic wellness plans to help them reach and maintain wellness goals.