Francois Catroux, global elite’s go-to designer, showcases work in lavish tome.

REDavid Netto 3
David Netto addresses the crowd at the party for Francois Catroux, a book chronicling the work of the international designer. Photos: The Lawlor Group and DDB.

The Pierre Frey showroom in the Decoration & Design Building hosted a book signing right before the holidays with David Netto for his much-anticipated book on François Catroux, chronicling the work and life of an international icon of interior design. Published by Rizzoli, the book showcases the international range of a designer who has long counted the most elite of the global elite as his clientele, among them Diane von Furstenberg (who wrote the foreword) and Barry Diller, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and Crown Princess Marie Chantal, Saudi royals and Davin Geffen. Vanity Fair dubbed the Paris-based Catroux the Uber-Rich’s favorite designer. He and his wife, Betty, a longtime muse to Yves Saint Laurent, have been at the center of all things chic and stylish for decades.

The book, published by Rizzoli, showcases Catroux’s work from 1968 to the present.

Simply called Francois Catroux, the lavish tome illustrate the designer’s mastery of  contemporary style and his talent for reimagining it over the years with a fresh and luxurious aesthetic. It is an aesthetic with broad range, one that can redefine both old-world, settings whether classic 18th and 19th century or Art Deco rooms, or contemporary interiors with new levels of modern luxe. The book takes the reader through Catroux’s career chronologically, starting with his first projects in 1968 and ending with his latest works, completed in 2016. The interiors of houses and apartments from New York to Hong Kong are included.

David Netto, the author of Francois Catroux, is also an interiors and and furniture designer, as well as being a contributing design editor for T, The New York Times Style Magazine.  His articles have appeared widely, in such publications as The Classicist, Domino, and WSJ Magazine.