See What Hermes is Planning for the Holidays

Hermès Presents : Petit h holiday factory Photo:
The Hermès Madison Avenue boutique last evening, where it debuted the Petit h holiday workshop.  Photo: Rasmus
Hermès Presents : Petit h holiday factory
A new holiday window at the Hermes store at 691 Madison Avenue. Photo: Rasmus

At ultra-luxe brand Hermes every day must seem like a lavish holiday with stores filled with extraordinary items that provide shoppers with the ultimate for gift giving (and for self gifting too!). But come the Christmas season, even a posh label wants to celebrate the holiday season with a special twist. So starting today, a day after the Hermes store on 691 Madison Avenue unveiled its holiday windows, the French brand will be showcasing its Petit h line just in time for holiday shopping. Petit h, of course, is a collection that speaks to what savvy stylistas want in their fashion today—exquisite items crafted with sustainability in mind. The concept behind Petit h is to take the leftover materials from the Hermès craft process (and leftovers at Hermes are still major luxe) and transform them into whimsical, witty, and poetic objects.  Pascale Mussard, a sixth-generation member of the Hermès family who created the Petit h collection in 2010 and is its artistic director, knew the line would open a range of possibilities for and provide new ways of looking at the brand. “Petit h is always about dreams,” she says. “I tried to make this collection even more festive for the holiday season.”

Pascale Mussard, Bob Chavez at the Hermes holiday party. Photo:
Pascale Mussard, who created the Petit h line, and Robert Chavez, US president and CEO of Hermes of Paris, at the Hermes holiday party. Photo: Rasmus

The Madison Avenue boutique windows have been reimagined as an Advent calendar, opening to reveal holiday surprises as well as Petit h products, with scenography designed by the artist Alexandre Mussard, Pascale’s son, who is collaborating with his mother for the first time. Inside the store, there will be a workshop-like atmosphere that will encourage shoppers to explore the craft and design process and make their own Hermes ornaments.

The Bear sculpture was created by Studio ROOF for Petit h.

Petit h will be at the Hermès Madison boutique from December 2nd 2016 to January 7th 2017;  Hermès Wall Street on December 10th and 11th; and at the Hermès Parfumerie from December 16th to The Hermès Wall Street boutique and the Parfumerie will host pop-up versions of the Petit h holiday scenography, and at both offer live demonstrations to help customers make their own ornaments.

Charles Kaisin designed this Monkey Sculpture for Petit h.
Hermès Presents : Petit h holiday factory
Items at the Hermes store on Madison Avenue.