See luxury brands’ Krug and Berluti’s new posh carry-all

reberlutionesacchampagnekrugGM_06What could be better than a luxury brand with a rich history and exquisitely made products, than two luxury brands with, you know, rich histories and exquisitely-made products? When they team up to create even more gorgeous goodies. When we heard that posh shoemaker Berluti, which dates to 1895, was pairing with Krug, the equally posh Champagne brand founded in 1843, we thought, hmmmm… does that work?  We heard of hell-raisers in the early 1900s drinking Champagne from women’s shoes (it was supposed to bring good luck), but that concept seems so not 21st century, and is definitely not what this collaboration is about.

When the two brands began working together last year, it was to create an original Berluti patina, or type of leather finish that the company is known for–in this case in a rich cherry tone for Krug. (The color was inspired by Joseph Krug’s dark cherry notebook, where he wrote about his his vision for Champagne, and became the signature tone of the House of Krug.) This year, Berluti and Krug take their collaboration one step further with two exclusive, limited-edition bags (with only 100 numbered examples available) called Short Journey and Long Journey. Using Berluti’s signature Un Jour briefcase as a design starting point, the dual-purpose bags, which can be used as Champagne carriers for transporting bottles of bubbly (Krug, natch! along with its Joseph glasses); or travel bags for carrying Berluti shoes, are made from leather with that Krug-inspired  patina.

REBERLUTITWOsacchampagnekrugGM_01The smaller design, Short Journey,  features three removable compartments in a bag supplied with a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée, accompanied by two Joseph glasses. This small bag can also hold a pair of Berluti shoes and a shoe care kit. The large design, Long Journey, features six removable compartments in a bag supplied with a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée and one of Krug Rosé, accompanied by four Joseph glasses. This large-format bag can also hold up to three pairs of Berluti shoes. Both bags feature an outer-zip pocket with a patinated Venezia leather zip-pull and an interior lined with grigio topo microfiber, and the signature Berluti pour Krug. There’s also a bag charm reproducing the iconic shape of a bottle of Krug Champagne.