Ready to buy a Yacht? Look at Five with Fabulous Interiors!

If you can afford a yacht, we suppose any time is a good time to buy!  But for cognoscenti autumn and winter are prime buying seasons. Why? Yacht dealers often have great deals on in the fall; and with showroom traffic winding down, there’s more of a willingness to negotiate on prices. Selling or trading a boat now also allows owners to avoid the costs of winter storage and winterizing  engines and onboard water systems. It’s also a good time to buy a UK yacht since the value of the pound is down post Brexit vote. So with that in mind, we checked in with the team at YachtWorld, which maintains the largest database of brokerage boats for sale (more than 110,000 listings) from over 2,900 yacht brokers and 70 manufacturers worldwide. Here we look at five boats on the market now with particularly snazzy interiors.