Alison Sweeney Shares How to Have a Haute and Healthy Holiday

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After eight years hosting The Biggest Loser, Alison Sweeney has picked up more than her fair share of tips on how to stay healthy, which is why she’s more than qualified to discuss ways to maintain physical and mental well-being during the holidays. The actress, reality show host, director, author, Arm & Hammer spokesperson and working mom of two took some time from her busy schedule to share seven ways to have a happy, healthy and haute holiday.

Alison Sweeney gets into the holiday spirit
Alison Sweeney gets into the holiday spirit

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1. Make time for yourself during the holidays. We are so often focused on plans with friends and family as well as shopping lists that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves during the holidays and therefore end up spending them sick and miserable. Realize that you are a priority during the season so gift yourself with 1 hour a day to do what you need – workout with a friend, put in music and go for a run or meet your best friend for a yoga class. Do something that will help you stay healthy.

 2. Remember to eat! We often find ourselves grazing at holiday parties because we didn’t take time to eat earlier. Start your day off with something healthy and arm yourself with healthy snacks so you don’t arrive to the party starving.

 3. Eat the healthy stuff first. I’m not saying to deny yourself the pumpkin pie but if you have a healthy and colorful salad, great vegetables and fewer starches at your holiday meal, chances are you’ll be full by the time that pie shows up and maybe will cut a smaller piece.

 4. The holidays can be fun, hectic and a time where you want your smile to be bright for all the family photos. That is why I like to put an ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush in my family’s stockings so they can smile brightly this holiday season.

 5. Stop to reflect the year you’ve had and what you hope to have in the new year. The holidays are a great time to take a moment to reflect and to plan. By reflecting on your accomplishments and the baby steps you can take throughout the next year, you’ll be ready for what is ahead and have the path from which to accomplish those next goals.

 6. Embrace the power of no. I recently read this in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul: Simply Happy show the power of NO can propel you to say yes to what really matters. This is so true during the holidays. Know that you can say no to that chocolate brownie or that party that just isn’t worth your time.

 7. Have fun! Make decorating for the holidays a great family activity and take the time to do it together and enjoy every moment of it. Don’t succumb to the stress but embrace the pure fun of the season as much as you can.