What’s On My Desk: Sachin and Babi Designer Sachin Ahluwalia


Photo Credit: Sachin + Babi

Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia have been making their mark on some of the hottest red carpets in Tinseltown with their haute, seasonal and savvy fashion line, Sachin & Babi. The fashionable power couple met in 1994 while studying at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating, they married and launched ANK International, a creative resource for embroidery and design, which segued into the 2004 launch of their home collection, Ankasa. Five years later, in 2009, the designers launched their eponymous collection, a line of which manages to stay true to their inherent love of approachable luxury. In spring 2016, as a natural progression from the duo’s evening wear niche, as well as a direct request from brides, Sachin & Babi launched their first bridal collection. Here, Sachin shares a peek at his desk—where he and Babi come up with the designs that make women the world over feel more beautiful, more glamorous and, of course, as haute as possible.


  1. The Grapes Earrings – We started creating earrings earlier this year called “The Grapes” they are handmade in our atelier in Mumbai. We had such a success with The Grapes on our e-commerce site and are debuting a new collection of colors in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Contemporary Art – I really enjoy collecting contemporary art. One of my favorite pieces is this Ryan Singer piece titled “Mongolia #14” behind my couch. It was taken in Mongolia and was the inspiration to one of our spring collections.
  3. Skulls – They are a constant source of inspiration. You can find them in some of our archive embroideries. I am particularly interested in skulls with the Queen of England crown
  4. Embroideries – 20 years ago, Babi and I started our embroidery business which we still run today in addition to our label Sachin & Babi, you will also find an embroidery on my desk
  5. Cadbury Eclairs – They are my favorite candies from the UK. They are a perfect mid-day pick me up.