What’s On My Desk: RMS Beauty Founder Rose-Marie Swift

Rose-Marie Swift
Rose-Marie Swift

Beauty aficionados are very familiar with Rose-Marie Swift and her organic color cosmetics company, RMS Beauty. After working her magic touch on some of the most famous faces in the industry including Gisele Bunchen, Zoe Saldana, Miranda Kerr, Tilda Swinton, Demi Moore, Sophia Coppola, Paloma Picasso, Isabel Rossalini and Milla Jovovich, for over 20 years, the veteran makeup artist began to experience some physical, mental and emotional health issues. After an extensive series of tests, she learned that her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals including aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead and mercury as well as high levels of pesticides and other chemicals. Rose-Marie was surprised when the technician asked if she worked in the cosmetics industry. Until then she had no idea that cosmetics could contribute to serious health issues. After years of rebuilding her own health, Rose-Marie realized that she wanted to help other women claim their right to healthy beauty. To achieve this goal she created RMS Beauty. “There is no such thing as just five things on my desk; [I’m not] that kind of girl,” she says. “I have makeup everywhere and samples of colors, packaging, rejected stuff and tons of papers with notes. I produce new samples of products that I test continually so this doesn’t even compare to what is on my table and in by shelves and cupboards…” Here, this organic beauty guru shares a peek at the items on her desk.

  • Rose-Marie DeskGREEN JUICE
    Of course, I always have a green juice…that goes without saying as your skin and your health depends on it big time. I alternate between organic green juices and organic smoothies
    I always have my blackberry (I also have an iPhone) but my Blackberry allows me to send out an email much easier. Nothing beats a BB for business stuff. (I am going to miss it as it it loosing speed at this point. lol)
    I have note pads everywhere for jotting down quotes and ideas. My mind is very active and one liners fly out of my mouth like crazy so I quickly write them down.
    My red beloved lip2cheek as it perks up my mood when needed. Lipstick always lifts one’s energy and allows for a quick touch up when you find out you are late for an appointment and need to run out the door.
    My tea cup yorkie (whom I share with Miranda Kerr), Frankie helps me keep it all together!