Secret’s Out: 4 Off-the-Menu Dishes You Must try at NaiYaRa

Chef Bee‘s newest Sunset Harbour outpost, NaiYaRa, has been a crowd favorite among Miamians since its debut last November. The trendy hotspot draws in crowds eager to try the restaurant’s signature Asian/Thai fusion dishes like the Fried Chicken, Thai Street Dumplings, NaiYaRa Roll and the Crispy Bok Choy. Chef Bee made a name for himself at his first location, Oishi Thai, in North Miami. However, what you may not know is that the NaiYaRa kitchen has a few secrets up its sleeve that you may be missing out on–hint: many of your favorites at Oishi Thai can also be found here. These secret dishes are available to order at any time–you just have to be in-the-know enough to ask for them. Here’s the scoop:


OToro NaiYaRa

This special dish is just as delicious as it is beautiful. With a presentation unlike any other, this masterpiece is created with finely minced fresh Blue Fin O’Toro meat. With the addition of grated wasabi, truffle paste, rayu (a hot sesame seed oil) and honey-kimchee sauce, the dish incorporates all the right flavors you’re craving. The fancy tartare is presented in a wooden box and brushed with a house soy, kizami (marinated fresh wasabi), ikura, caviar, edible gold flakes, fresh shaved black truffle and rice crackers for some crunch.


Burmese Wraps

Although NaiYaRa already has a generous selection of mouth-watering appetizers, if you want to change it up with something different, we highly suggest these delicious Burmese wraps. They are made with a paste made from palm sugar, peanuts, red chili and lime juice and the flavorful bite is wrapped into a steamed rice noodle. This is a great option for those of you trying to keep it a bit healthier and straying away some of the fried (but delicious) dishes.


Omakase Naiyara

This is where you can find some of Chef Bee’s famed omakase selections that you know and love from Oishi Thai. The omakase features a Chef’s selection of nine fresh sushi pieces, hand dressed with the corresponding sauce and fresh grated wasabi. These inventive pieces will leave you with a delicious kick that is missing from your ordinary nigiri or sushi offerings, each offering a unique combination of different, fresh flavors. Typically, the nine pieces include: Maguro (Tuna) , Toro (Bluefin Tuna Belly), Sake (Salmon), Sake Toro (Salmon Belly), Saba (Marinated Mackerel), Anago (Saltwater Eel), Madai (Red Snapper), Hamachi (Yellowtail) and Hotate (Scallop), but this may change depending on what is available on that night.


Chirashi Bowl NAIYARA

Another culinary beauty, the chirashi is a small mound of sushi rice covered in a variety of raw fish including, but not limited to: King Crab, Toro, Tuna, Salmon, Salmon Belly, Scallop, Sweet Shrimp, Uni and Ikura. The bowl is served with three sauces that combined give it a flavorful kick: 1. Honey Kimchee 2. Yuzu Soy 3. Spicy Miso and everything is garnished with nori strips, masago, edible flowers, micro greens and house pickled vegetables. Be sure to snap a photo and make all of your Instagram followers hungry.