Haute Secrets: Pinrose’s Lovely Ladies Share Favorite SF Spots

Christine Luby and Erika Shumate
Christine Luby and Erika Shumate

Christine Luby and Erika Shumate are two busy woman. The founders of Pinrose, a locally based fragrance company that is changing the way we see scent, are constantly coming up with exciting new products. This fall they launched their first set of candles, inspired by two of their best-selling fragrances, Campfire Rebel and Secret Genius—yes, they come up with wildly clever names for their scents. Plus, the duo has partnered with Sephora for a Pinrose tech roll out. Select Sephoras now have Pinrose iPad kiosks where consumers can take their signature scent quiz and retrieve real time results. Naturally, Luby and Shumate find inspiration in the world that surrounds them. Take the story of their first namesake fragrance, for example. “Ten years ago when my dear friend Mia was having trouble with a ghost in her Russian Hill apartment, one of Mia’s co-worker’s recommended we seek out David, of the Sword and the Rose.” Shumate told Haute Living. “After spending two hours with the self-proclaimed ‘Egyptian Gypsy,’ we returned to Mia’s home to try our hand at casting David’s recommended spell. From that day on, we would frequent the Sword and the Rose every few months to seek our David’s advice and learn about his incenses and travels. He was our spiritual guide and teacher.”

Pinrose's fragrances
Pinrose’s fragrances

Over the years, Shumate returned many times to the mystical boutique. “I purchased multiple incenses and oils from him—including a very rare rose oil. It was a beautiful blend he had created from his travels. I remembered him telling me how precious it was and how many different types of roses he used,” she says. “After we, I knew we had to create a rose scent. But, it couldn’t be any rose; it had to be multifaceted and modern. I returned to the Sword and the Rose to inquire about Randy’s rose oil, only to learn about his tragic death a couple months earlier. I was devastated and shocked. Patrick, Randy’s partner, knew the rose oil I was referring to, and brought out some of the remaining oil Randy had blended. I knew this had to be the inspiration for our signature scent. I mailed the oil to David Apel, one of the best Master Perfumers in the world. He’s famous for working on Tom Ford’s Black Orchid and other notable avant-garde fragrances. I told him the story and that I wanted to smell this oil from the Sword and the Rose as inspiration.” What other places do they seek out inspiration for new scents? We decided to learn more about the ladies and asked them to share their preferred hot spots in San Francisco.

Where were you born: suburbs of Chicago (Erika + Christine)

How long in San Francisco:  Nine years (Erika) and four years (Christine)

Neighborhood: Our office is in the Mission. Christine lives in Bernal Heights and Erika lives in the Mission.

Occupation: Co-founders of Pinrose

Favorite Restaurant: Al’s Place

Best Sushi: Blowfish Sushi

Best Italian: Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack

Best dessert:  Tartine

Best place for a romantic date: Lovers’ Lane in the Presidio

Best Sunday brunch: Plow

Best place for a power business meeting: Four Season’s on Market Street for breakfast or Neiman Marcus Rotunda for lunch.

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? AirBnB or the St. Regis

Hero Shop
Hero Shop

Favorite shopping venue/boutique:  Hero Shop and Neiman Marcus

Favorite place to buy jewelry/watches:  Love and Luxe

Best Spa: SenSpa

Favorite Charity Event: Tipping Point

Favorite Cultural Event:  The Stanford Powwow

Favorite Cultural Institution:  Glide Memorial Church

Best Steakhouse: Gibson’s in Chicago

Best Pizza: Goat Hill Pizza

Best Lunch: St. Francis Diner on 24th st

Best Gym/Athletic Facility: Soul Cycle Castro

Best Massage: Psoas Massage + Bodywork

Best Limousine/Driving Service: Lyft or Uber

Best Museum/Exhibit: SF MOMA

Describe your city in three words:  Innovative, interested, and interesting.

Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore:  Angel Island

All-around favorite spot in San Francisco: Lands End Trail

Best Aspect of San Francisco:  The people