URB-E Foldable Electric Scooters Launches City Edition and Boston Loves It

Getting around Boston can admittedly be quite the challenge. From looking for the seemingly nonexistent parking space to sitting in hours of traffic, it’s no wonder Boston often receives such a bad rap for its impatient drivers. To the rescue, enter URB-E, a foldable electric scooter that is taking the city by storm.

URB-EPhoto Credit: URB-E

Each high end electric scooter is hand constructed of carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum in Pasadena, California and is available for individual purchase, although some of the hotels in Boston have caught onto this cool new way for guests to get around the city. The scooter goes up to 15 miles per hour and can take riders up to 20 miles on a single charge. What makes it even better is they are classified as a bicycle so there is no need for license or registration. The Original Edition URB-E is $1,499, and the Black Label and Red Label URB-Es are $1,699 and have more torque, which is better for going up hills. The City Edition is $1,899 and is their Black Label equipped with top accessories.

“The Lenox Hotel already has four URB-Es and The Innovation and Design Building in the Seaport District also has 10 URB-Es,” said Evan Saunders, URB-E’s head of sales and marketing. “I think what is so appealing to Bostonians is that it is easily transportable weighing in at just under 35 pounds, so if you live in the Seaport District, you can get to your job in Back Bay or Cambridge quicker and easier without all of the stress.”

The City Edition also has a port so users can charge their mobile phone directly from the URB-E. This model’s features also include a cup holder, cellphone holder, basket, front vertical kickstand, and leather carrying strap. “We recently launched our City Edition, which is perfect for yacht owners coming into port, luxury tour buses crossing the country, pilots heading over the tarmac to their plane, and resort-styled houses world-wide,” Saunders added. “The Lenox Hotel in Boston is a very eco-friendly hotel, so this really made sense for them. Our customers, who are primarily urban based, are looking for something that is durable that they can use every day. People are also using the URB-E to access more of Boston. For example, you can now go from Back Bay to the South End in just two to three minutes, so you can experience all the city has to offer. We want to be the number one electric personal transportation vehicle in 2017.”

With sales up 400 percent this year, it sounds like they are well poised to achieve that goal.