Five Fascinating Stories From Private Jet Company Leader JetSmarter

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JetSmarter, the fastest growing private jet company in the world has just ended a very fast growing September – and exclusively shared with Haute Living some fascinating VIP behind the scenes stories which took place this month, and make us love them even more:

  • Two couples got engaged while flying JetSmarter – one on a NY-London flight, and the other on a private plane from LA-Vegas which was filled to the hilt with roses pre-boarding and the couple – who had only been dating for 45 days chartered the plane and got married the next day in Vegas – and returned to Los Angeles as a married couple.
  • Four start-up companies were funded from people who met on JetSmarter, including a 7-figure venture capital deal, which was consummated while flying JetSmarter.  Members say that one of the best reasons to fly JetSmarter is because of the people they meet.  As Ronn Torossian5WPR CEO – and a partner/executive Board member at JetSmarter – says, “It is amazing how many people join the most exclusive country club in the sky and meet amazing people. Literally every day on JetSmarter deals are being made, friendships cultivated, and more – Where else can you meet such a qualified group of people?”
  • Had a celebrity who booked two Gulfstream Iv’s for a round-trip NY-LA charter – paid for both – but only wanted to fly one as he wanted to check the “air quality” of the plane before boarding.  He picked one – but paid for both.
  • 2 couples chartered a plane before Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New year) from Paris-London and insisted on having only non-kosher, expensive food.  They were served expensive lobster, shrimp, and non-kosher filet mignon steak. They insisted that it was the one day a year they ate non-kosher and since the new year was coming anyway they could repent for their sins the next day. Interestingly, JetSmarter tells us a similar thing happened in the Middle East this year in the days leading up to Ramadan.
  • The most expensive flight booked through the app was $1.8 Million Dollars for a plane which made 4 stops throughout the United States, then made a stop in Europe before finally landing in Moscow, over a 2 week period.

For $15,000 annually and no additional fees, members of JetSmarter fly unlimited private jets to and from New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, London, Milan, Moscow and more. Haute Living has recently been named strategic partner of Jetsmarter.  The JetSmarter app is available for iOS and Android. For more information, please visit or call 1 (888) 9 VIP JET.

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