Haute Cocktail: Avión Reserva 44 Old Fashioned

Avión Reserva 44 Old Fashioned, available at Faena's Saxony Bar in Miami
Avión Reserva 44 Old Fashioned, available at Faena’s Saxony Bar in Miami

Tequila is making a comeback, and it’s hotter than ever in Miami. South Beach hotspots are finding that the spirit is quickly becoming the most popular drink of choice to order, surpassing classic vodka, rum or gin as the go-to cocktail. Even better, it’s now available in a rather premium way with Avión Reserva 44. To taste this liquor at its finest, try the drink of the moment—the Avión Reserva 44 Old Fashioned cocktail. While an Old Fashioned may seem just that, the drink is having a moment because of its complex flavors coming through the 44-month-aged, Blue Weber agave tequila, which creates an incredible spin on this classic drink.

To sip on this in style, stop by the posh Saxony Bar at the Faena Hotel and ask for expert mixologist Thomas A. Merolla to whip up a little of this magic for you. “I am by definition a purist, therefore I prefer Avión Reserva neat; so much work goes into the juice. True to its name, Reserva 44, it is aged for 44 months, which results in a tequila that is truly stunning in the nose and richly complex in flavor,” said Merolla. He describes the intricate flavors as “traditional green pepper and pineapple to baking spices including vanilla, cinnamon and even milk chocolate pulled from all those years in oak,” which results in the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail. We guarantee it will take the edge off. Plus, there’s no better atmosphere to indulge in this drink than in the dark and sexy speakeasy that is the Saxony Bar. Although it’s made simply with Avión Reserva 44, chocolate bitters, orange bitters, a dash of organic agave nectar and an orange peel to garnish, the result will be nothing short of delicious and complex.