Rhinoplasty 101: Everything You Need to Know

While rhinoplasty has become one of our most popular surgeries, it is also one of the most complicated and requires much thought and preparation before making the decision to move forward. If you’re on the fence, here’s a rundown of common questions to ask and what you need to know to help you decide:
What is your most commonly asked question during consultations?
A rhinoplasty is one of the most defining surgeries a patient will have, as it can greatly impact such a prominent part of the face. There are so many questions, but the most commonly asked one refers to the final outcome and expectation of the result. What will the outcome be in relation to my profile and frontal view? How will it flow with my look and face? What will my breathing be like? What’s the recovery time? Will I be in pain?
What is something that you feel patients should understand before undergoing surgery?
It’s very important to spend a lot of time understanding what this entails, and that the expectations are set clearly.
How long is the down-time after a rhinoplasty in which a patient can expect to feel pain/ discomfort?
The first week may bring some pain and discomfort and swelling, but that typically subsides after a week. The swelling, however, in some cases can last a year.
What can affect the final outcome of your new nose (other than the actual surgery)? i.e.: swelling, lack of /excess cartilage
 The most important factor to take into consideration is that everything needs to be set properly. Lymphatic drainage massages are very important to assist with the swelling, and will help alleviate and decrease it.
How long does it usually take (on average) for a patient to completely heal?
 The final outcome can be seen within a year or two although 95 percent of the outcome can be seen early on.

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