Manna Life Food Brings Plant-Casual to Downtown

16.02.23_Manna Food Life-205
Manna Life Food’s warming soups

Miami’s health food revolution is in full swing, with options for getting healthy, plant-based food popping up everywhere. Case in point—Manna Life Food in downtown’s historic Dupont building. Cutely designed with modern materials, wood and even a chart of Manna Superfoods, the idea is to make healthy eating tasty, fun and easy.

Unlike places that only do the juices, bowls, nut mylks and smoothies (which they do very well), you can get also get a hot meal here as they do use heat for baked treats and their popular superfood arepas. These special arepas are made from ground corn and infused with chia, golden flax seeds, and cooked in coconut oil. They are then topped with items like avocado, housemade spirulina chimichurri and hemp hearts and peanut butter with raspberry, and strawberry chia jam.

Soups are popular too, and range from tomato beet to Moroccan lentil. You can order at the counter, take a seat and stay to enjoy a sit-down meal or grab and go one of their prepared meals form the cold case. Perfect to take on the go? The Manna Lifeshake made with cacao, maca, reishi, coconut oil, house almond mylk, cashews, dates, vanilla, and maca fudge. They even have single-origin Colombian coffee just in case the “Lifeshake” is a little too healthy for you. If all this sounds good, check out the menu here. 

Manna Life Food is the brainchild of wellness and nutrition expert Sabra Seligman, Manna’s menu is as much about what the body needs as what customers want, combining both to create something nutritious and delicious. She has spent 16 years in the arena of wellness and plant-based nutrition and now is making it easier for diners to get their hands on, good news for everyone who wants to get healthier.


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Manna’s homemade granola bowl
Guid to Manna's life foods
Guid to Manna’s super foods