LA: A Sneak Peek at the Glenfiddich Wardrobe XXI Collection

The Glenfiddich capsule collection
The Glenfiddich capsule collection

We can only think of one better pairing for whiskey than fashion, and that’s cigars.That said, we’re absolutely loving this line of one-of-a-kind-pieces, curated by Josh Peskowitz, fashion veteran and owner of L.A.’s men concept shop MAGASIN, for Glenfiddich.

Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI capsule collection provides the modern Glenfiddich drinker with a new way to tackle self-expression. Inspired by the heritage of Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Reserva Rum Cask Finish, a luxurious variant from the whiskey maker, the garments all incorporate traditional elements of Scottish living from high-fashion spins on tartan in the suit and overcoat to an original use of cashmere blend on a band-collared shirt to a contemporary take on Chelsea Boots produced in chocolate suede.


As the Creative Director of Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI, Peskowitz worked closely with the designers of E-Tauz, Camoshita, Hamilton and FEIT to craft pieces rich with references to both heritage and innovation. “I chose the designers I did for this project because all of them show a commitment to quality, and traditional processes. All also are progressive: they experiment with shape and fabrication, they are willing to take risks. So, they all seemed a natural fit with not only the ideals we set out to portray with this project, but also the aesthetics we were trying to achieve. I also thought it important that the cast of collaborators be international, hailing from some of the places where fine whisky is most appreciated in the world,” Peskowitz says.


The pieces include:

  • E. Tautz created the “Geoff Overcoat.” In a traditional Scottish tweed but with a relaxed, unstructured fit, this piece adds a younger twist to the timelessness of a menswear classic. As a bespoke men’s tailoring namesake, designer Patrick Grant of E. Tautz has transcended the test of time, with a maverick spirit unyielding to market pressures or fleeting trends – much like Glenfiddich itself. (SRP: $2,025).
  • Camoshita United Arrows created the “Easy Suit,” artfully crafted to give off a casual yet sophisticated feel. Yasuto Kamoshita, one of the most significant names in fashion by virtue of his unconventional style, created the piece’s blackwatch motif and drawstring trousers by approaching Italian-inspired tailoring through a lens of Japanese “relaxed dressing.” (SRP: $1,800).
  • Hamilton created the “Scottish-American” shirt, a premium take on a pop-over. Since 1883, the Hamilton brand has been inspiring generations of men to reinterpret classic wear. Glenfiddich’s Wardrobe XXI garment band collar and button-down side seams give it a fashion-forward feel when worn under a suit.  The use of a cashmere blend pays homage to Scotland’s prodigious textile industry. (SRP: $450).
  • FEIT created a handcrafted Chelsea boot outfitted with a rugged lug sole. Easy-yet-edgy, the boots’ warm brown tone suits the upcoming fall season perfectly, while its suede uppers add an element of refinement. Australian born, New York-based brothers Josh and Tull Price started FEIT in order to revitalize the world of hand-made footwear. (SRP: $740).
  • Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich Wardrobe XXI will debut September 2016. Twenty-one total pieces of each product will be made available for sale exclusively at select retailers across the county. In addition to being sold in L.A. exclusively at Magasin, located at 8810 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, the designs will retail at: