SF: 5 Restaurants That Serve Spectacular Steak Frites

Cafe Claude's steak frites
Cafe Claude’s steak frites

Although France didn’t win the Euro Cup final, the country has much to celebrate this week. Thursday, July 14 is Bastile Day or la fête nationale as its independence day is formally known in France. To commemorate the occasion, why not be like the French and indulge in one of life’s greatest pleasures—food? San Francisco is filled with plenty of delicious French restaurants and one could easily spend the entire day enjoying traditional French eats. Start with a buttery flaky croissant at Le Marais bakery. For lunch, head to Absinthe and order a glass of Champagne with French onion soup and croque monsieur. As for dinner, you can’t beat the classic French bistro favorite, steak frites. The traditional combination of perfectly seared beef with salty crisp potatoes is always a crowd-pleaser. Wondering where we love to order steak frites? Here are the best five restaurants for the meat-lover’s meal. Pair with a glass of Burgundy or Bordeaux and toast to la révolution!