Haute Spots: The Best Ice Cream in Dubai

The full heat of summer is upon Dubai, but these haute spots for ice cream in Dubai and the UAE can guarantee that you’ll be cooling down in no time with their fabulous treats.


Milkcow UAE, a trendy South Korean café chain, has excitedly introduced milkshakes to its delicious and unique menu. To keep things fresh, Milkcow will present a new mix of fruity milkshakes every week, handpicked straight from the market. Visitors can also enjoy Milkcow’s popular organic soft serve ice cream with a wide range of syrups and toppings, located in the Grand Trident Residence and Mall at the heart of JBR, Dubai.


The fun and chic café specialises in producing and serving milky-soft, premium organic ice cream. The “MOO Crew” prepare and present the ice creams and milkshakes as a piece of art, with many choices of toppings, ranging from the signature natural honeycomb to cotton candy and macaroons.


The menu at COYA keeps traditional elements of Peruvian cooking, and their dessert menu is unrivaled. The restaurant welcomes a diverse clientele to feast on a variety of palate teasing dishes as they are transported to the essence of Peru, and there is no better place to beat the Dubai heat than by cooling down with one of their ice cream or sorbet desserts.


The destination Pisco Lounge offers guests a truly genuine experience with an authentic, buzzing ambience with a vast range of home-made pisco infusions. The Lounge at COYA is an experience that brings together tastes, sights and sounds that are the essence of Latin American culture.


Soda FontThis summer, take a trip to Soda Font at THE BEACH opposite JBR as they turn popular childhood treats into an assortment of enormous chilling milkshakes. Sure to leave adults and children gleaming, the airstream-housed beverage concept has introduced exciting new flavours ranging from Chocolate Bomb and Go Do-Nuts to the regionally inspired Kunefe Shake.

Milkshake lovers with a chocolate craving can choose between Soda Font’s ‘Chocolate Bomb’ made up of mini chocolate rolls, marshmallows, coconut cookies, Oreos and brownies or ‘Pretzella’ featuring pretzels, Nutella and mini ice-cream cones.

Celebrating pop culture, Soda Font, the airstream-housed beverage concept, is a modern day soda fountain providing a back-in- the-day experience celebrating the vibe retro 1950s hangouts. Soda Font’s menu boasts Milkshakes, Floats, Homemade sodas, Iced Teas and Coffees and a range of healthy juice boosters made in-house daily.

Located on the sands at THE BEACH opposite JBR, Soda Font is open seven days a week from 10:00am to 12:00 midnight. For more information, please call 055 580 4890 or visit www.sodafont.ae.


Beat the heat with traditional Japanese mochi ice cream.Chez Sushi serves authentic mochi in various flavours including green tea, chocolate, mango, strawberry and vanilla.

Chez Sushi

In addition, the fast casual restaurant has also introduced the one-of-a-kind wasabi mochi ice cream on the menu. One average size mochi ice cream ball contains around 56 calories only.


Just in time for the hot summer months, Fümé in Pier 7 and Downtown Dubai have launched a scrumptious range of over-the- top delicious fumazing super tasty fantabulous Monster Shakes!


Flavours for this new range of desserts include the berrielicious ‘Shake the Berry’, the cheesetastic ‘Funky Cheesecake’, the crunch-factor ‘Pop my Cereal’ and the choco-madness ‘Bro-nutty Shake’. As if Fümé’s menu was not irresistible enough already, something tells us that this tasty combination of desserts and milkshakes will stay in our night and day dreams for forever!