MIA Foodstagrams You Should Be Following

We all have love for food, but a select few on social media have sparked a slightly more serious love-affair. And what’s better, they’re documenting the whole thing. Mostly millennials who’ve taken the what-bikini-body? stance, these Instagram accounts are wells of mouth-watering photos giving us food-envy. The amount of followers they have (496.6K total) prove they’re catering to more than the perpetually hungry; they’re serving up A-list recommendations and collaborating with the best in the business.

miami food porn 2


This account, and its two founders, make us want to reach through our phones for the food. A shrine to unique dishes, @Miami_Foodporn (and its website) has mastered the art of fan-fueled instagramming. The photographs can only be the result of some seriously contorted body positions, but the discomfort is well worth the end result. For example, well-lit, colorful stills like those featuring slick udon noodles being tugged by chopsticks from a bowl doused in sweet sauce, sesame seeds, and scallions tossed with crispy chicken. These posts demonstrate a bold appreciation for that which is guaranteed to awaken our taste buds.




Another trailblazer in this subgenre of the ‘gram, @Thehungrypost has compiled a collection of expertly selected dishes and restaurants in Miami. This Instagram account supplements a well-visited blog with recommendations (sometimes in Spanish), a restaurant selection section based on your cravings, and commendable food writing based on research and refined palettes. Its founders have just expanded to New York and are taking that food scene by storm. But here, Jose Loor, Ale Cangas, Andrea Becerra and their account have long taken off; collaborating with jewelry lines and hosting events further promoting the Instagram account and its favorite restaurants.


miami food pug 2


Co-run by its two founders, Geoffrey and Dianne, Miami Food Pug, combines two things we love: dogs and food. Each photo has a (barely concealed) pug’s face incorporated in the post, the duo’s signature. Its corresponding blog is organized by neighborhood, and features Miami chefs and reviews. With a healthy amount of finger-food posts sprinkled throughout, @Miamifoodpug caters to cravings. That’s why its founders call their account a “stomach’s best friend.”




The sleekest of them all, Chat Chow’s Instagram, founded by Gio Gutierrez, accompanies its site launched in 2011 to celebrate chefs, dishes, and bartenders in short video episodes. For this reason, we’re calling it the most visual and informative. Beyond sampling and promoting their favorite dishes, the producers at Chat Chow take you onsite and behind the scenes. Its Instagram account features hi-res photos of delectable dishes and the drinks to complement them. We’re not sure if it’s the angle, lighting, or photography, but every featured meal is more colorful and abstract than the last.




The Naughty Fork was launched by Samantha Schnur, a 21-year-old biology major who’s all about the cheat day. She founded her site and Instagram account to help the undecided pick where to eat, sans stuffy reviews. Evoking food-envy Miami-wide is just a side effect. Her Insta is video-heavy with clips of thick chocolate being poured onto melting ice cream sitting atop a warm cookie or a fork stretching white cheddar from an overflowing dish of mac and cheese. But don’t worry, she captures all this in stills too. Inspired by our right to splurge, The Naughty Fork site is chock-full of recipes of Samantha’s creation. This double threat can find ‘em AND she can make ‘em… bacon-wrapped cheese fries anyone?




An ode to finger food, Fatgirl Hedonist has been able to craft a flow of photos fit for both, the foodie and someone who’s simply hungry. Cari showcases simple pleasures at the times we want them most and maybe can’t have them… at least we have the photos. This is an account and site with something interesting to say: eat what you want when you want, if you want it. @Fatgirlhedonist is here to show you where to get it.