Adrienne Bailon Partners With 6 Shore Road During Miami Swim Week

Adrienne Bailon at 6 Shore Road x Jose Cuervo Swim Week Collaboration Event
Adrienne Bailon at 6 Shore Road x Jose Cuervo Swim Week “Beach to Bar” Collaboration Event

Inspired by the beach-to-bar lifestyle, Pooja Kharbanda, founder and designer of 6 Shore Road, recently collaborated with Jose Cuervo on a limited edition swimwear line. The line is designed to transition from pool to party with one-pieces that double as body suits and cover-ups that become evening wear with the addition of a pair of heels. Haute Living caught up with actress, singer, and host of FOX’s The Real, Adrienne Bailon to discuss her partnership with 6 Shore Road, her go-to summer style and favorite places to visit while in the Magic City.

HL: What drove you to want to work with swim and beach apparel and partner with 6 Shore Road?
AB: Honestly, I love love love the brand 6 Shore Road and I think what Pooja is doing with creating beachwear that transitions to evening like beach to bar, I think that’s so genius. I mean how many times have you been at the beach, rushed, needing to get somewhere and can’t change your outfit. So, I’m all for that. I vacation a lot [and] I’m going to be traveling a lot this next month, so I just love the idea of one outfit.

HL: What do you think distinguishes this brand and collection from others we’ll be seeing here at Swim Week?
AB: I’ve been to Swim Week before and a lot of it is bikinis and that sort of thing, not necessarily good for the evening, I’m not trying to go to dinner half naked. So, I love that this is exactly that — it’s transitional, and that’s really special. I just think the collaboration is festive and perfect, I mean let’s be honest — what girl doesn’t love tequila? So, I just think with that combo alone, I was definitely in. It’s colorful, its fun, I would definitely say the transitional aspect [because] you rarely see something that works for when you’re at the beach and go into the night with. I would even wear this with jeans, even if I wasn’t going to the beach before which is even greater!

6 Shore Road x Jose Cuervo Swimsuit
6 Shore Road x Jose Cuervo Swimsuit

HL: Do you have any favorite pieces from 6 shore Road and Jose Cuervo’s limited edition collection?
AB: I’m so excited, you guys are going to actually see it at the event!  It’s this one piece that’s got cut-outs and just super sexy and it definetily has the transitional look I love. [The collection] actually also has cover ups that are to die for and I’m obsessed with. I actually wear cover ups like kimonos, I’ll wear them with tank tops and cut offs on the plane, and so they have this white knitted one that I’m just in love with. There’s also this incredible giant beach bag that’s part of the line, funnily enough, I’m actually looking at it now — it’s white, knit and has crochet, it’s to die for, super sick!

HL: What are you most excited about tonight’s Beach to Bar event?
AB: I’m excited to be in Miami and if I’m being honest, I love me some tequila so [the event] is going to be very festive and i’m super excited for that. I think as a woman, I love seeing other women flourish and I think what Pooja is doing is phenomenal; it’s innovative and fun, and it’s exciting to be a part of that sort of thing.

HL: Do you have a go-to beach and swim style?
AB: I like glamorous! I like feeling like whatever I’m wearing on the beach, I want to be able to snapchat and instagram it and know that it’s going to look fabulous. I’m not the girl that likes going to the beach looking like a hobo, I actually like to put some effort into making myself look cute. I like something that’s going to make me feel beautiful, glamorous and sexy. I’m the girl that wears heels to the beach and pool because I think its fun to be able to get dressed up and have an enjoyable day. But I don’t wear make-up when I go, I only do gloss most of the time on my face.

HL: What are your go-to favorite places and things to do while you’re in Miami?
AB: Prime 112! I’m going there tomorrow for dinner actually, it’s definitely a must! Also Barton G, first time I ever went was here but we have one now in LA and I love love love that place. Another place I love is Nikki Beach! It’s a great Saturday/Sunday situation for a day party.

Adrienne Bailon at the 6 Shore Road x Jose Cuervo "Beach to Bar" Swim Week Event
Adrienne Bailon at the 6 Shore Road x Jose Cuervo “Beach to Bar” Swim Week Event