Tips from Dr. Victoria Veytsman on Achieving a Healthy Smile This Summer

dr veytsman summer smile

The foundation of all beauty starts with good health. I want to ensure a happy and healthy summer to everyone, so here are my tips and simple tricks: stay hydrated, sleep well, use sunscreen, and always remember to smile. And a healthy smile means a healthy body, starting with the mouth.

A great oral health care routine is beneficial in helping prevent diseases and infections. The easiest of routines first starts with throwing that manual toothbrush away and using an electric toothbrush with a built in timer set for two-minutes, which is the standard for brushing. Electric toothbrushes are a fan favorite, because they are so easy to use and they do all the work!

The second necessity is floss. Flossing makes up 35 percent of clean teeth and is surprisingly one of the most overlooked steps in an oral hygiene routine. Meaning, if you only brush and never floss, you are only partially cleaning your teeth. Gross! One of the best ways to floss is with an electric water pick; again, all of the work is done for you.

The third most important tool is mouthwash, because it kills 99 percent of the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath and gum disease.

However, most important and the definitely the easiest of them all is drinking water. Drinking plenty of water will help neutralize the pH in your body and is essential during the hot summer months.

In addition to a great oral health care routine this summer, remember to always save time to do some good. It’s great for the soul and for that smile.

Check out some of these do-gooders this month and join the movement:

I’m a partner with Robin Hood and donate 25 percent of every cosmetic procedure to the cause. Robin Hood is an organization that funds more than 100 programs to prevent poverty and aid to the poor. From food banks to HIV/aids organizations to youth groups. The group’s board (Harvey Weinstein and Gwyneth Paltrow are members) covers operating expenses, so all funds donated go straight to those in need.

Boy Meets Girl Tee
Boy Meets Girl Tee

Stacy Igel, Founder and Designer of Boy Meets Girl (Kendall Jenner to Rosario Dawson are fans) created rainbow gender oriented tees to support Equality of Florida, who has a fund to support the families and victims affected by the Orlando shooting. 10 percent of each tee will be donated. Website to purchase:

Alexis Farah, Founder of Random Acts of LipstickBeauty Forward, Give Back. Alexis has a mission to give back in her daily life and believes that random acts of kindness can come in the form of small gestures (like smiling at someone having a bad day) or larger efforts that come with donating time and/or financial support. Her particular work has been focused in the homeless and low-income community, animal welfare and helping support medically fragile children in foster and adoptive care. Check out what “random act” is being performed today:

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