Salud! These Are SF’s Top 5 Margaritas

What with Cinco de Mayo this Thursday, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a margarita. In it’s most pure form, the margarita is a classic cocktail consisting of tequila, lime juice, and a little sweetener. Although its origins are unclear, the margarita first started popping up on menus in the 1930s and ’40s. Any cocktail that consists of a combination of spirit, citrus, and sweetener is known as a daisy. When translated into English, margarita means daisy, so it’s safe to say that American bartenders during the 30s and 40s were making daisies with tequila — as European spirits became scarce due to the upcoming world war. But enough with the cocktail history lesson, right? If you’re wondering when you can find the best margaritas in San Francsico, look no further than one of these five haute spots.