Dubai Weekend: Rare Diamond Unveiled, Fashion Icons at PLAY, ABC Set To Astound


Dubai has become the home of one of the world’s most rare and largest rough diamond, setting the jewelry market ablaze with diamond fever as professionals seek to view this unique gem.

Executive Chairman of DMCC and Chair of the Kimberley Process, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, together with Founder and Executive Board Member of de GRISOGONO, Fawaz Gruosi, hosted a press conference to announce de GRISOGONO’s acquisition of the rights from NEMESIS INTERNATIONAL to one of the world’s largest and rarest rough diamonds ever discovered.

deGrisogono Diamond
Weighing in at an impressive 404 carats, this rare diamond is truly a sight to behold.

The astonishing rough diamond is characterized not only by its sheer size, an impressive 404 carats, but uniquely by its colorlessness and flawless clarity, making it the perfect diamond in de GRISOGONO’s pursuit for the most unique and precious stones.

On the left, the Executive Chairman of DMCC and Chair of the Kimberly process Mr. Ahmed Bin Sulayem. On the left, Mr. Fawaz Gruosi, founder and Executive Board Member of de GRISOGONO.
On the left, the Executive Chairman of DMCC and Chair of the Kimberly process Mr. Ahmed Bin Sulayem.
On the right, Mr. Fawaz Gruosi, founder and Executive Board Member of de GRISOGONO.

The exceptional size and clarity of the stone will allow de GRISOGONO a unique opportunity in its cutting and polishing process. Working side by side with the best cutters, Fawaz Gruosi will now decide how best to cut this stone to give life to one of the most beautiful jewelry pieces ever created. Contrary to the traditional process, where jewelers are restricted to the polished stones that already exist in the market, with this partnership, de GRISOGONO will have the opportunity to bring a jeweler’s perspective into the cutting process, maximizing the beauty of the final jewelry pieces.


PLAY created a chic dinner experience in a private area of the renowned restaurant where Dubai’s elite fashion crowd were able to dine and discuss the latest original fashion platform 151Luwolt. The stylish affair was hosted by famous fashion blogger, Desert Mannequin, who brought together the most influential women in fashion to enjoy an evening full of refined taste with 151Luwolt in the spotlight. PLAY provided the perfect backdrop for the elegant evening, which focused on all things, “a la mode” as guests dined over a specially tailored menu from Chef Patron of PLAY Reif Othman.

PLAY Guests
Glitz, glamour and culture were on full display at PLAY in Dubai.

The innovative platform and creation of Roy Luwolt and Mary Alice Malone, 151Luwolt, provides emerging designers the creative and professional environment to grow and sustain their business. In addition to on-site editorial presentations, each talent receives global public relations and marketing support as well as mentorship. The unique retail model provides the designer with a range of options to evolve their start-up business, including additional financial support to create a new collection following the success of sales on 151Luwolt.


The Arabian Bubble Celebration (ABC) will hold their first event in the UAE May 19-21, 2016, the extravaganza will feature spectacular laser and 3D effects in a 70-minute show.

Spread across 3 days, the show takes place at the World Trade Center. Performed by international artists Melody Yang and Deni Yang, it offers a unique entertainment experience by creating incredible shapes, complete with laser shows and stunts to delight kids of all ages.

UAE residents fortunate enough to see the 70-minute show will be in complete awe. A must-have on every family’s to-do- list, the tickets are available at bubble-celebration-in-dubai-2016?show=32823.




Melody Yang’s magic will be on display in Dubai.