See The £50,000 Machine For Equestrian Aficionados


Working out no longer means lifting weights at the gym. Gym culture today includes an eclectic variety of different ways to shed the pounds. There’s Zumba, aerial dancing, Surfset, and now there’s Equicise.

If you’re an equestrian aficionado with a heavy wallet (which most equestrian aficionados are), then this new niche workout is for you. Their regime consists of various classes to increase posture, stamina and overall fitness. The part we’re interested in however, is the component involving a £50,000 mechanical horse. Yes, you read that right.

“In order to ride, a lot of strength and fitness is needed and it’s hard to replicate what you need in the gym. After working out with Vanessa [Stanfield – a personal trainer, former professional dancer and now one of Andrews’ key staff at Equicise], I decided to create a unique experience for riders to become stronger, fitter and more flexible. You ride better when you’re fit. That’s how the idea was born,” says founder Carol Andrews.

“I’ve been riding for decades but I realised how unfit I was,” she told Business Insider.

The founder has a lot riding on Equicise. After deciding to forgo a bank loan, Andrews crowdfunded the money from friends and long term clients of hers from the Wimbledon Village Stables, and re-mortgaged her house to the maximum in order to fund this.

It is the first of it’s kind and who knows, it could be the next workout fad. Don’t miss out on your chance to try this simulating experience before the herd.