Revitalize at the New Health & Wellness Series at The Standard, East Village

CrysoSphere Cryo Facial
CrysoSphere Cryo Facial (Photo Credit: NutriDrip.Com / Bart Kol (BartKol.Com)

Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic healing systems, dating back to 800 BCE. According to the ancient practice, spring is the best time of the year to detox and reset your body for the latter part of the year. In honor of springtime and warm months ahead, The Standard, East Village presents a revolutionary way for people to detox, beautify and energize, by combining IV nutrient infusions with the power of Cyrotherapy and Infrared technology.

At the sleek, high-rise hotel New Yorkers as well as guests will get the chance to visit FUTURE SPA: Drip, Chill and Shine. The new spa is part of a health and wellness series brought together by three innovative brands: NutriDrip, the most cutting-edge IV nutrient therapy available today unlocking powerful therapeutic benefits; CryoSphere Cryotherapy, a unique experience of extreme cold that triggers the release of anti-inflammatory molecules and endorphins; and HigherDose Infrared, game changing technology that burns 600 calories per hour and provides 7x the detoxification through infrared heat, to offer a next generation experience under one roof.

Services at the FUTURE SPA: Drip, Chill and Shine include:

  • NutriDrip’s IV Therapy, which includes up to two liters of fluids mixed with a mega dose of Super Vitamin B mix or, there’s the 60-minute cleanse, a mega dose of Vitamin C, an amino acid boost, and Glutathione detox push. The NutriDrips start at $99.
  • CrysoSphere Cryo Facial, where a professional blasts your face with dry nitrogen vapor designed to tighten the skin and promote collagen growth. It last five to six minutes and costs $29.
  • HigherDose Infrared Body Wrap Detox, with the infrared heat technology the detox promises to burn 600 calories per hour and provides 7x the detoxification. It takes about 30-35 minutes and is $45.

This uber-cool new health and wellness program will launch on April 9th, and will continue every Saturday in April. You can schedule an appointment online at: The program will also accept walk-in appointments. Upon RSVP, spa-goers will automatically be enrolled in a drawing to win free services.