Faena’s Tierra Santa Spa Boasts Ultimate $2,000 Couples Massage



The private room couple’s massage has always been the big kahuna of spa treatments and the one at Faena’s Tierra Santa Healing House is no exception. While their spa menu is precious and impressive, Tierra Santa’s version, dubbed The Art of Love, takes the cake going for a ground-breaking $2,000. The luxe treatment for two includes exfoliation, a couples shower, a 90-minute hot stone massage and body wrap, lunch, facial and relaxation time complete with champagne—all in a gorgeous private Oceanfront Spa Suite.

Tierra Santa Couples Room_Photo by Todd Eberle
Tierra Santa Couples Room_Photo by Todd Eberle

The spa is unlike any other in Miami and that’s by design. The spa is named for Alan Faena’s beachouse-away-from-home in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where the hotelier was able to grow an incredible rose garden on terrain deemed unfit. In this spirit, the spa embodies the spirit of anything being possible. The South American-themed spa is the first in North America, even going so far as to have the staff trained by shamans. In this way, the spa combines the best of traditional South American therapies with contemporary spa science.

Singing bowls

The 22,000-square-foot spa occupies the entire third floor of the hotel and offers not only water views from the colorful reception area, but also from some of the treatment rooms. Tierra Santa Healing House boasts an adjacent gym, 1,000-square-foot movement studio and a to-die-for wet spa boasting oceans of beautiful natural stone. The wet spa includes seven different areas to take in heat (and in one case, cold) including private scrub rooms, a large hammam fit for a Roman emperor, a steam room with twinkling lights, and a sauna with high-design wood benches to remind you that absolutely everything in the hotel is 100% custom.

Tierra Santa Sauna
Tierra Santa Sauna

In addition to unique design, there are unique healing treatments that use botanical scrubs from the Amazon such as healing clay in Peruvian Black, Rainforest Bio Green and Amazon white clay.  There are also treatments like acupuncture and sound bowl therapy, which involves placing the bowls directly on “key tension areas” of the body, allowing vibrations help restore the natural frequencies of both mind and body.

Whichever treatment you choose, you’ll leave better than you came, and planning your next visit presently.

Tierra Santa Healing House at Faena Hotel Miami Beach  |  3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (305) 534-8800