You Can Now Operate Your Jaguar With a Smartwatch

jaguar-1170x731Photo Credit: Jaguar

How cool is this? Tech-minded Jaguar owners can now control their haute ride…with their smartwatch.

The luxury British car company unveiled some nifty new features at the Wearable Technology Show 2016 as part of a showcase of Jaguar Land Rover’s Digital and Connected Car Technologies.

Now, thanks to the new  JLR Android Wear app (which will be available on all future models of Jaguar and Land Rover cars as well as on previous models that come with pre-fitted InControl Remotes or InControl Protects), drivers will be able to activate climate control settings by remotely starting the engine, check the vehicle’s fuel level and remotely lock and unlock the doors this summer—all with the touch of a button on your watch.

The Jaguar Land Rover team showcased these nifty new features on its all-new performance crossover, the F-Pace—the first car featuring the innovative Activity Key, which is designed for people who dig being outdoors and hate carrying their keys with them. The wristband is waterproof, so even if you get stuck walking in the rain (or sweating all over it), you’ll still be able to gain entry to your car.

Said Leon Hurst, Head of Digital and Connected Car Product Marketing at Jaguar Land Rover, “This expansion of connectivity brings all the functionality of our Apple Watch app to Android devices and underlines Jaguar Land Rover’s dedication to its Connected Car Vision.”

Jaguar Land Rover vehicles also feature InControl Touch Pro infotainment systems in a bid to be the most tech superior cars on the market, which allow customers to access smartphone apps through a tablet-style, 10.2-inch touchscreen using a quad-core processor and solid-state drive. The systems run on lightening fast Ethernet and support features such as Wi-Fi Hotspot capability, live weather report apps, flight tracking apps and intelligent navigation.

You’ve got to love technology!