Suja Juice Founder Annie Lawless’ Desktop Essentials

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Photo Credit: Cole Moser
At just the age of 28, Annie Lawless has truly embraced an entrepreneurial spirit. Diagnosed with celiac’s disease as a child, Lawless began juicing to absorb nutrients in a healthy way for her body.  A law school student at UC San Diego, she was battling depression and anxiety. Feeling pressured to stay on the path of law from family, society and fear, made the brave decision to go into the unknown: she quit law school, became a yoga instructor and launched an at-home juice delivery service. Just a few short months later, Suja, her cold-pressed, organic juice company, was born. Here, Lawless, who is also a NYT best-selling author and the creator of the blog, where she shares her personal life philosophies, recipes, fashion tips and more, offers Haute Living a glimpse into where she comes up with her million dollar ideas and shares her desktop essentials.

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1) Computer. At all times. It’s my lifeline, my best friend, and helps me do everything I do as a blogger and vlogger.  I change my case up frequently to keep my life exciting. Clearly, I live on the edge.

2) Sparkling water with lemon. I am always trying to stay hydrated, and having water in front of me when I sit down to work is key because once I am in my writing flow, I won’t move. If it’s not there, I won’t drink it and I notice my skin and energy is much better when I’m drinking enough water throughout the day.

3) Candles. I hoard candles and and obsessed with having beautiful candles burning in my workspace. It makes sitting at my desk feel more calming and luxurious. 

4) Lip balm. I have extremely dry lips and one of my bad habits while working at my computer is picking my dry skin off of my lips. Yeah, it’s gross. I keep lip balm right there so I can always apply it during the day and avoid picking them to death. 

5) Gum. I am so addicted to chewing gum, and I’ve accepted that I just need a stick of gum or 10 while I’m writing. It’s completely a nervous habit and I have no plans to change it. The classic Trident bubblegum is my favorite.