Tesla Unveils its Model S…For Kids

tesla-model-s-for-kids-radio-flyer-3-770x433Photo Credit: Tesla

Wha would you say if we told you that you could purchase a Tesla Model S for $500 instead of $70,000? You’d think your dreams were coming true, right? As it happens, Tesla is unveiling this haute ride for a mind-boggling low price tag—but the person who will benefit most isn’t one who actually has a drivers license.

Radio Flyer is launching a new whip for kids between the ages of three and eight this May that’s an identical replica of Tesla’s Model S.

This isn’t a mere toy. The pint-sized version of this car have working headlights and, like all Tesla rides, a 140-Watt lithium ion battery, allowing for more “play time” than any other toy of its kind, according to RF; the battery can be upgraded to a 190-Watt premium battery pack for an additional $50. There’s a front trunk for storing items like additional toys and a sound system that can be plugged into a mobile device as well.

Upgrades include painted silver wheels or wheels in a matte black finish; a premium spare battery; an indoor car cover; a custom license plate; and a customizable parking sign.

The Model S for Kids even comes in the same color options as its adult counterpart; it is available in shades including  Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic and Red Multi-Coat.

Just in case you were wondering if the machine can actually move, well, let’s just say you might be hoping for some training wheels. The mini can reach up to six miles an hour, though parents can control the speed and limit their kids to traveling at three miles an hour via a simple switch.

We’re not going to lie: this is a pretty sweet deal, even if an adult can barely fit a leg in. At least your kid will ride happy!