Q&A with Designer Tomas Maier as He Debuts First Eyewear Collection

  1. Tomas Maier
    Tomas Maier

Designer Tomas Maier recently brought the easy, wearable pieces he is known for to his new boutique in Bal Harbour Shops. Now the designer is giving his fans something else to enjoy—the first Tomas Maier eyewear collection. New for the Spring-Summer 2016 season, the collection is in partnership with Kering Eyewear, and will offer 10 unisex styles in a variety of colors.  The line is extremely wearable, with modern classic shapes, colors, designs made from high-quality materials in Italy. The Italian manufacturing make these glasses the ultimate eyewear object for the connoisseur. Haute Living got to ask the designer a few questions about the new line. Here’s what he had to say.


Why did you decide to “branch” out into eyewear?
In September 2014, Kering (our parent company) created Kering Eyewear with the intention of bringing the eyewear business for their brands in-house.  When the opportunity presented itself it seemed a very natural evolution as we are a relatively small company and would not be able to do something like this without a partner.  Luckily for us, the savoir-faire and professionalism is higher than with any other partner we might have found.

What were the challenges of designing your first eyewear collection?
With a new product category it is important that it fits in with the brands concept and ethos.  As we are all about the “edited & essential” the eyewear needed to make sense with the rest of the collection.  So, we went for a very minimalist and pared-down aesthetic but with a high level of quality in the design & make.

What is the most important aspect of eyewear?
I like my glasses to be classic with a stylish twist. Novelty should not outweigh functionality. They should be beautifully designed and made.

Tell us what it’s like having a store in one of the best malls in the country?
I have been going to Bal Harbour since I started coming to Miami over 20 years ago.  For me it really is a beautiful spot in a beautiful place.  I love the smell of the sea and the landscaping.

Who loves Tomas Maier?
Someone who is unfussy, active, smart and self-assured.  Many of our clients are creative or work in creative fields.