Inside The World Of Haute Model Alana Zimmer


Many women are curious about what models use for skincare, their favorite makeup and some insider tips and tricks. After all, who better to talk beauty with than a model? They are directly involved with beauty gurus and pick up tricks worldwide. They make their living being beautiful so it’s no wonder they’ve got a plethora of information to share with us gals!

Alana Zimmer a fashion model who has walked shows like, Chanel, Givenchy, Valentino, Christian Dior and Giorgio Armani has answered some Beauty questions for Haute Living.


What is your morning skincare and beauty routine? I cleanse my skin with Cetaphil and at the moment I am using the toner, serums, and moisturizers from Ling Skincare.

What is your nighttime skincare regimen? Again, I use Ling’s products. I am also exfoliate using Ling’s Almond and Honey Scrub, and I am also using the sheet masks from Star Skin Beauty.

What products can you not live without? Ling Skincare’s Toner and Bioderma’s Crealine for removing makeup.

What makeup are you currently using? I don’t wear much makeup when I’m not working. But I love Laura Mercier’s concealer and Chanel mascaras.

What products are always in your purse? Paw Paw lip balm and Aesop hand cream.

Biggest beauty tip or trick? Mixing moisturizer with foundation, it’s so important so that your skin doesn’t look dry!

Emergency quick fixes? If I ever have a break out I use honey as a mask. It’s antibacterial so always clears my skin up. Also, if my hair is ever dry I do a coconut oil treatment overnight.

Thanks Alana!