Here’s Your Chance To Have A Cocktail In A NYC Cloud


Ever wanted to sip bubbly in an igloo-like bubble overlooking Times Square? The thought probably never even crossed your mind… until now. HYATT Times Square‘s Bar 54 has one of New York City’s highest rooftop terraces. In the efforts to make sure you enjoy the beautiful balcony all year long, HYATT got creative with a new innovative idea.

Introducing The Bubbles, two cozy and modern pods that allow guests to sit outdoors and enjoy the view all whilst keeping warm. And by view we mean everywhere across Manhattan from the Hudson River to the East River, including the Chrysler Building, all of lower Manhattan, and Times Square. The full Bar 54 menu will be available in The Bubbles, accompanied by a selection of specialty drinks crafted by cocktail icon Julie Reiner. The Bubbles have a two-drink minimum, but there is no way you can go here and merely have two drinks. This is the kind of place you let loose and lose track of time.

“We’re excited to introduce this exciting, new way to enjoy cocktails in the clouds with the installation of The Bubbles,” says Philip Stamm, General Manager of HYATT Times Square. “The Bubbles allow guests to indulge in our spectacular views and outstanding specialty cocktails and menu year-round. We’re looking forward to guests and locals alike getting to experience The Bubbles this winter.”

If you’re looking to impress a special someone, you can also book a Bubble for a private party of up to 10 people. Imagine watching the sunset or stargazing in your own peaceful place in the center of the city. As the hours go by you might decide a staycation is in order. Which as luck would have it, is definitely a haute option at HYATT Times Square. Their extravagant 487-rooms are designed by George Wong to feel like luxury private apartments. Equipped with a collection of city-themed pop, minimalist and conceptual artwork of course. Whether you stay or not, don’t miss a chance to have your cocktail in a cloud.

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