Haute Secrets Dallas: Online TV Personality Dora Chu

Photograph by Thomas Garza 

“You would look great in Stella McCartney!” This is how my interview with Online TV Personality and Fashion Advisor, Dora Chu began. Creative people see the world in a very different way and it’s not just black and white but filled with plethora of colorful moments. For Dora being creative is a natural gift and to anyone that crosses her path within minutes of meeting her immediately knows the same. Born in Pennsylvania, Dora is one of those Texans that said she got her as soon as she could, and 25 years later has no plans on leaving anytime soon. Graduating from Southern Methodist University and having the opportunity to travel the US as a Narrator for the National Auto Show Circuit, she got her first taste of travel. Realizing a new world of possibilities that opened up to her, she decided to pursue her modeling career and lived in both Miami and abroad in Paris.

Continuing to draw from her experiences, Dora soon realized what a pivotal role that fashion played in inspiring and helping her to express her unique individuality, and often jokes that she speaks fluent “Fashionista.” Putting all of her past experiences to good use, she embarked on a new journey in her life as a fashion advisor and started Couture Vintage by Dora, where she offered her services in styling private clients. “Its great helping clients discover their genuine inner and outer beauty. Fashion helped me change my life and with my client transformations, I hope to change theirs too. “Being a big believer that what you wear is a powerful vehicle of self expression, Dora follows her own advice. Even her signature glasses have merited their own blog called Dora’s Specstacular where she and her specs hunt down the very best vintage couture.

Her career in fashion didn’t stop there, recently she became the quirky, fashionably fab Online TV Personality for Fashion Scoop, an online source for luxury fashion and beauty content focusing on editorials and in-depth coverage of all the major fashion weeks from New York to Paris. Fresh from long grueling hours at NYFW, back to back interviews and fighting a cold, she is already filling up her calendar and preparing for the next assignment for Fashion Scoop. The hard work doesn’t bother her, in fact it’s when she’s having the most fun. Dora feels it’s what fuels her and comes from a place deep within, that has a lot to do with fashion and even more to do with her positive outlook on life. After her hectic trip to New York, Haute Living squeezed in a few moments to chat with her to find out what are some of Dora’s favorite picks around a city she’s happy to call home.

What’s your best fashion advice: We all have inner fashionmisters/fashionistas, dressing to express can be powerful and life changing. Style can change us and our lives!

Where were you born: On a far away planet! Ok- Pittsburgh, PA.

How long have you lived in Dallas: I moved here as a youngster, but lived in Paris for a year, and spent some time in several other cities traveling around the country for four years with the auto show circuit.

Neighborhood: I grew up in Preston Hollow and still love the area, but have resided in Lakewood for many years.

Occupation: Online TV Personality for Fashion Scoop and Fashion Advisor at Dora’s Specstacular

Favorite Restaurant: Mi Cocina Highland Park is a regular stop.

Best Sushi: Tei Tei Robata

Best place for a power meeting: Paul Martin’s

Best Hotel for out of town guests: Melrose Hotel

Favorite shopping venue/boutique: Vintage Martini

Favorite place to buy jewelry/watches: I have found some beautiful vintage pieces at vintage fairs and also love edgy rocker style pieces.

Favorite Charity Event: Crystal Charity is amazing.

Favorite Cultural Event: Adore the opera and symphony! Mozart’s Piano Concertos #17-25 are my faves and I love Mozart’s and Puccini’s operas.

Best Gym/Athletic Facilty: I work out regular (although rarely work up a sweat) at the Premier Club, now Premier Lifetime since 1992!

Best Spa: I rarely do the spa, but I am totally sold on natural skin care and limit my exposure to the sun as I have sensitive skin. You can find incredible chemical free skin care at Sephora.

Describe you city in three words: Friendly, comfortable, upbeat.

Dora with Petra Nemcova at 2016 NYFW
Dora with Petra Nemcova at 2016 NYFW








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