Haute 100: Watch ‘The First Monday in May’ Trailer Featuring Anna Wintour & More


Last year, the Met Gala featured its “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibit. The show, which was curated by the Costume Institute’s Andrew Bolton in collaboration with the Department of Asian Art, debuted on May 7th. It explored the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion and how China has fueled the fashionable imagination for centuries.

The exhibit featured more than 140 examples of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear alongside Chinese art. With Bolton’s expertise and the narratives that drew from popular Chinese culture, the “China: Through the Looking Glass” turned out to have an unprecedented attendance with a final tally of 815,992 visitors.

As a result of the success, the 2015 Met Gala will be turned into a film. Titled The First Monday in May, the film follows Bolton as he designs the high fashion collaboration that boasts Chinese costumes, paintings, porcelains, and other art, including films, to reveal enchanting reflections of Chinese imagery.

Vogue released a two minute and 33 seconds trailer to give us a sneak peek of the film. It commences with Haute 100 lister Anna Wintour saying, “Fashion can create a dream, create a fantasy, it’s a kind of theatre.” It then flashes to André Leon Talley, former editor-at-large for Vogue, who said, “The Met Ball is the Super Bowl of fashion events.”

Other highlights from the trailer:

  • Bolting revealing he is not afraid of controversy.
  • Wintour calling Bolton a “visionary” and stating, “It is rare to find someone so creative that they change the way you look at art.
  • The Vogue team organize the seating charts.
  • The team not anticipating how expensive Rihanna’s appearance budget would be.

The First Monday in May is slated to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival’s opening night. Get a sneak peek below, then catch the film when it hits theaters April 15.