A Men’s NYFW Recap With Five Favorite Looks

As we conclude Men’s Fashion Week we look back on seven days of beautiful people, parties, places, and most importantly, clothes. While there were stunning ensembles all around the city, some styles stood out more than others. From head to toe everyone brought out all the stops to show their best work. Here is peak at our favorite looks to take from the runway to the street  at this Autumn/Winter 2016 New York Men’s Fashion Week.

Palmiers Du Mal

Modern, luxury, resort. Three words that when put together are synonymous with a brand you might know as Palmiers Du Mal. The haute label’s use of timeless shapes is evolved with the use of intricate design and pattern. Each garment is made to make you feel a sense of freedom. The freedom to be comfortable, indulge in pleasures, and pursue relaxation. All whilst looking incredible of course. This look perfectly exemplifies Palmiers Du Mal’s ability to mix bohemian style with classic cuts:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.26.35 PM

Thomas Pink

The traditional gentlemen’s brand has seen many new transformations this year. Not only did they extend their repertoire to include jeans, but they also sought inspiration in rather unlikely places. In F/W 2016 you’ll notice a new kind of essence to the Thomas Pink collection. Designs were drawn from patterns found in an offbeat castle in Brighton, England. You will see these patterns make appearances throughout their looks. This new edge to their timeless class creates something new and exciting. We can’t get enough of this look:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.38.38 AM

Public School

Public School is on a very serious mission to make men feel tough again. The young and innovative brand continues to be at the forefront of upscale men’s streetwear. This year their semi-public show was a display of refined edge and made the style of a modern-day man into timeless fashion statements. Public School’s ability to transform the casual sense into classy creations makes their looks suitable for many different kinds of men. Fall/Winter will definitely be haute with our favorite look from the show as pictured below:

Photo by Mark Hartman
Photo by Mark Hartman

Grungy Gentleman

A world with Grungy Gentleman is one that we definitely want to live in. In this world men are decked out in upscale athleisure wear, they are driven, and they march to the beat of their own drum. The F/W 16 Grungy Gentleman collection showed off a tailored comfort, using simple solid colors to act as a canvas for form-fitting cuts.  The classic looks were made new with the use of grouped stripes on jacket cuffs, shirt sleeves and on pants. This feature immediately draws the eye and turns your attention to the haute man wearing it. You’ll then of course begin to notice the fine tuned details throughout each garment worn. You can’t go wrong with any of their wardrobe staples, especially on our favorite look:


Gypsy Sport 

The Gypsy Sport brand represents the eccentricities and diversity of New York City’s citizens. Not only does designer Rio Uribe streetcast his shows, he shies away from the runway to give a much more personal and intimate look at his collection with a static showing. This season Gypsy Sport highlighted on the hot topic of taking clothes across genders. You’ll find men’s crop tops and tight flared jeans making a haute debut in their newest looks. This is the brand that gives you an outlet to express yourself no matter who you are. Check out our favorite look from Gypsy Sport as pictured on the far right:

Photo by Adam Lehrer